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Maine Striper Fishing Reports : Capt Eric Wallace

(Damm A crowed day Striper Fishing Maine's Casco Bay)

Updated 1/5/09

Shallow Water Striped Bass flies: Fly tying class for Feb 28 is full Give Jim a call 207-363-9269 for waiting list.
See you there, Capt Eric

Well After a strange, but I would call it a fun Striper season From Cape Cod to Casco Bay , It's time to start looking forward to Spring fishing in the FL Keys early season Striper fishing on Cape Cod, and Summer on Maine’s Casco Bay, But meanwhile We have Tradeshows, Fly-tying classes and a Movie premiere,to keep you going until the next cast.

So first thing first , Happy holidays and hope you all have a safe and enjoyable holiday season, Enjoy your friends and family, and I know in the back of your mind your hoping for a new rod.
If you live in a place to cold to try rods at your local shop check out all the latest greatest at the following
Fly Fishing trade shows listed below. But be for-warned if your looking to try the New SAGE or SCOTT rods, these are just a few of…