Sunday, July 26, 2009

Maine Striper Fly Fishing Reports- July 2009

Maine Striper Fishing reports = Recharged!!!!!!!!!!
We saw so many fish on the sand flats this day it was unreal!!!!! hard to feed a fly to them, but angler Pete Maher got it done!!

Some Big bright Fish have moved into the bay this last week, they are hanging in the areas we found them last year, just tons more, they are loaded with sea lice and have been fly and leader picky, i'm loving this type of fishing!!!! today we had very bright skies and where able to do some of the best sightfishing we have had this year. We Moved lots of fish in the low light and landed 3 fish 28 inch or bigger on the sight in the sun and less then 3 ft of water on the sand flats, Ive added a new casting platform with a leaning bar to my flats boat and my anglers are very stoked, A few fish came on the hollow stinger set up we have been using the past few years when the fish are picky,but the ugly muppet crab pattern was the winner again today!!! My angler today has fished the Fl Keys and Cape Cod with me and today we saw more fish in less then 2 ft water then our 20 plus trips combine, Just one of the tides I never wanted to end. Maine striper fishing is re-charged!!!!

Maine Striper Fishing Report.
Us shallow water guys waited all winter for these tides that we have this week! and boy was Mon and Tues to too much fun, then a wind change on thrus and it shut it down for a day or two- Sat was back on!! and Casco bay handled the 2 inch of rain pretty well, and this morning we nailed a 31 inch fish in about 2 ft water, Black hollow in the low light and dirty water have been working, just get the fly quickly to the last feed you see , they still have so much food around they are not chasing far at all, Looking ahead the tides are going to be deep in the AM not my favoriot at all- let's hope for some OK weather and light winds, the sun might come out mid week and offer some late AM sight fishing.

Next open Dates
Aug 9 and 17*18

Maine Striper Fishing Reports- July 2009

Photo of Maine trout fishing bum, David K with his first Striper on the fly 7-16-2009

We have had some weird fishing the last week or so, weather and tides are a part of it as-well there just a ton of food for them, on Monday we hit the mud flats at first light to find fish marking the surface all around they where keyed into tiny grass shrimp, once again a hollow pattern with a stinger about 25 inches of the back- a small size 4-6 white bait fish pattern and using 12 lb or lighter leaders - we also used this rig to fish the sand flats on the incoming tide in the bright sun, found it was our ticket there untill we switch to a crab pattern the fish came to the crab but we missed a few eats. Today I fished an area I have not fish with a client in over 3 weeks and it produced see pic above. I'm feeling hopfull that the weather stays somewhat humid and stable also I'm looking forward to these tides coming into the new moon.

July 17 2009- Casco Bay fishing report update, It felt like the start of a new Striper season here in Maine today, as we picked up fish at every stop and for the most part all where very bright and loaded with sea lice, looks like we just got another big group of fish into the bay, let's hope for some stable weather.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Maine Striper Fishing Reports July 6

Angler: Lanier Woodrum with a nice bass caught on a Casco Bay mud flat in the endless northest winds and rain of June and early July 2009!!

If you where on the water today you know how outstanding the fishing and weather was,
every where we went we found lot's fish and tons of bait to keep them happy for a while.With all the bait the bass where not just jumping at the first thing you throw at them, we did well fishing a hollow pattern with a tiny droper of a craft-fur type baitfish pattern size 4-6 with 95% of fish eating the droper as well laid up tarpon bunnys striped slow on a floating line or any popper wakeing the water. Looking forward we have some bumpy weather for a day or two but otherwise it's looking good, with tons of fish and bait it really looking to be and outstanding July, the water is cleaning up quickly and we took advantage of the sun by running to some of the outer island beaches for some sight fishing, after a great incoming tide on the mud flats. The fish are spread out, mixed in are some big schools of small and big bluefish, so have some bite guard with you.

Open AM days for July is the 19 and 29 th PM call about tides.

Capt Eric Wallace

Maine Striper Reports May 10 th 2019

And just like that,,,, They are here, not in number and still spotty but the baits and small schoolies are starting to show, check back ...