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Maine Striper Fishing Reports

Maine Striper Fishing reports-- Aug 22 2009

Is it post heat wave or pre storm or Just better tides? I'm betting all three but would place my favorite crab pattern on the tides, if I was a betting man. What ever the reason the fish have been much more snappy the last few trips for us, after a period where our water hit 74 degrees and it just seemed that every fish would just follow, for the beach anglers or folks throwing off a lower casting deck it would seem the fish had moved out deep but, Guiding from and poling platform and having a casting platform on my flats skiff we where seeing things that drove us nuts, changing flies, fishing 12 ft 8 lb leaders to 35 inch fish- on and on- just follows then we hit on area that we found some fish that where snappy and would eat anything we threw at them much more fun for my anglers. Then came better tides and the fish have been a little easier every where fish the last few days but still a very short A.M window, and looking forward the w…

Maine Striper Fishing Reports

First off sorry for missing last weeks report, we had some outstanding fishing on the flats then a worm hatch turned on late this week, that kept me going full on .There are tons of nice fish hanging around Maine's waters and reports of big fish taken on Live bait, plugs and fly are reported daily. Night fisherman have scored reel big this last week as we flats guys have had a ton of large fish roaming the sand flats on the incoming tide it's just finding the right fish to eat your fly in the sun, something new here in Maine this summer of fog and rain - weather is been perfect the last few days and with the nice weather and southerly flow to the winds the fishing been much better, Tuna are showing off Portland and bluefish moved into Saco and Casco Bay, helping crew up some of the bait and hopefully make the stripers act a little more predator then just lazy feeders they have been with so much food in the system. The beach anglers are still having a tough go, But the boat an…

Maine Striper Fly Fishing Reports- Sight Fishing

Tim Yomans picking up an nice fish off the sand flats today Aug 1 the fish ate the fly in less than 2 ft of water, good job Tim!!

Also Check out the Trailer for this January 2010 ESPN 2 Flats fishing show.

Overall it's been a good week,the weather was not too bad and we even had some sun to do my favorite thing, (sight fish) add to the mix, the quality of fly anglers I had this week- we got some nice fish in the shallows to move on the fly, in the 11 o'clock sun, One angler has been a back country guide in the FL keys for 25 plus years and what a joy to fish an angler with his skill set from casting 15 ft leaders with crab patterns to putting a hollow fly down in front of a high and happy big bass with out spooking it- to result in an eat!! I just had a blast the last few days!!!! Today was clear again and had some nice fish with dark backs ripping over the sand flats on the outer island beaches,

The morning Incomings have had some good…