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Maine Striper fishing Reports Sept 2009

Nice Flats fish Casco Bay 2009

The stripers have been schooling up here in Maine for the past few weeks, and now the feed south has started!!! we are seeing days ranging from close to 35 fish in 4 hrs to working our but off for a few eats. The one thing that has not changed there is tons of bait around, and lots of fish to feed on them, there are area that are holding micros as far as the eye can see, everywhere little 15-19 inch bass, They have shown us some early blitzes as well!!! Great to see this throughout Casco Bay, also reports that the Kennebec is fishing pretty well and that good news for us, as those fish will be coming through Casco Bay soon. The story for us this week was a 41 inch out of less then 3 feet of water sigh casting over a sand flat, I'm working on posting the photo after I do some Photoshop work to kill the landmarks. The bait is holding in the grass so the lower parts of the tide have been key higher tides have fish pretty slow and the last few days of N…