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Maine Striper Fishing Reports and Guided Fishing

The fish are really starting to spread out, and some are moving into there summer patterns, while others are still heading to the rivers for the bigger bait. There is lots of Blue Back Herring in the rivers now and the Juvi Herring and sand eels are making for some fun surface feeds around the bay if you hit it right!!!! timing has been key most of the week we have been meeting at the dock by 345-4 am the first light bite has been Best then the low incoming has been good. Thursday it just seemed as the fish just took the day off for us? goofy winds and big tides Fri was much much better. Post trip on Friday my wife and kids met me at the dock for a trip out to the beaches on the outer islands (See Photo above), I personally have not been able to fish much with my guide schedule, so when your wife says lets go and you have incoming tide, I was stoked to say the least!!!I was looking forward to trying out some crab patterns I have been working on and was hoping for some shots on the sa…

Maine Striper Fishing Reports and Guided Trips

Fish the tides!!!! It's been a first light or low incoming all week, this morning we changed it up from plugging away on the flats on the outgoing and it worked!!! we found some real bright fresh fish on the outer islands then we moved onto a big mud flat for the incoming and found fish waking and working the flat for a few hours and we where done around 11am with fish still showing. My angler today was Capt Robert Walczak from it was the first time I met Rob who was up visiting his son at Camp Sunshine, I have herd a lot about his skills and his Tournament wins prove his guiding skills, Winning Guide FL keys Red Bone -Back-country Classic the list go on. If you are fishing out of Naples area look him up.

More Soon!!! I have only had few days off in the last three weeks and really need to spend some time at the tying bench,looking forward to the new skiff to show in the next 10 days, Suzki motor shortage put it behind about a month.

Open Days for June the 27th

Maine Striper Fishing Reports and Guided Trips

Bouncy weather and some soft tides slowed it down for a couple of days, but it's back on!!! the last few Mornings thing are kicking back into gear at full speed, there are tons of good reports coast wide!!!! Also with a swell in the water for a few days I was able to get a few standup paddle surf sessions in, post guide trips and areas just east of Casco Bay had a ton of fish on the surface in bright sun not and angler I would think the Kennebec crew will be in for some real hot fishing the next few days aswell. Fly wise 5-7 inch hollow purple was the fly of the day the last few mornings for us, there is a ton of Blue Back Herring in Casco Bay and with the rain and wind they are still out of the rivers in big schools, there is plenty in the rivers but the water quality is taking it's time from the weekends rains, the steeper tides that are setting in should speed that up over the next few days and we should be in for a good weekend of fishing, Fish the low sun angle…

Maine Striper fishing Reports and Guided Trips


Since last Wednesday it's been darn good.  A nice body of fish moved into Casco Bay and they are up on the flats in some pretty shallow stuff.  And we're encountering on a regular bases some groups well over the slot range.  And they are taking poppers, hollows and even got a fish just over 32 on a crab pattern this weekend, without-a-doubt one my favorite way to fish -- sun, incoming tide and feeding nice size Stripe Bass a crab pattern, and wait it's only late May- early June ??? are we not suppose to be fishing big pattern in the rivers??

The local rivers are loaded with bait and where busy with boats this weekend and the reports at the docks are good the guys I see out often are all smiles!!! they have it dialed and are just stoked on the quality of the fishing we are having so early in the season, But guys lets have a little etiquette out there!!! I had a few boats jump us on the flats!! it put down the fish, that’s fine I can move quickly and …