Saturday, September 11, 2010

Casco Bay still has fish holding in mid summer spots with average Aug like water temps,on Sept 10?? but there mind set has changed and become much snappier, now if the bait will start to move after this new moon little bait does not like to move on new moons so we are moving out of that phase and into what should become a very good fall fishing season!!!The last two morning have been very solid and a few boats at the dock today where proud of there striper thumbs and story's of 20 fish outings yesterday and today on light tackle we had a real active trips on flies in some strong winds, Reports from John Ford's trips this week where good aswell and the crew on the Kennebec had a hell of a day yesterday, sound like those fish are starting to drop and that means good things for us down coast of them, Carp Have been fun on these tides for the area I'm fishing a 7 ft tide change on the Carp flats is huge, the window was short as the water swamped it out quickly but had some great shots and only got a boat with a 4 inch draft stuck twice, On the sand we are seeing a good number of fish coming up and little bit easier to get the eat then last week but short window on sight fishing with the big tides, but the holding fish on the mud flats are chasing down your fly and acting like a stripers and if you are into numbers that might be the spot, don't chase around birds fish the same waters you have been working the last few weeks,the fish where there then and are still there just ready to eat now!! Fish size both John Ford and I fishing a good 15 miles apart ran in some good number of little fish mixed into the groups great to see 14-17 inch striper clean and in good shape. We where suppose to be working on a film with Confluence films starting the 19 th, The film crew who also does Warren Miller ski filming is stuck in Europe and this has opened up a few prime dates for both John and I so give a call. @207-671-4330

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Maine Striper Fishing Reports

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The fall striper run has been the lore of anglers for years and for us in Maine it's been somewhat a miss the last few years, a active day here and there if you are out every day you might get into a good surface feed, but for the most part spotty. But there seems to be a few things in place this year, setting up for some strong fall fishing, first off there is a lot of Bass around right now and even with a crazy heat wave, we have had a good first light bite, It would slow quickly after the sun got high and or the tide swamped out, but a good short window. A black tabory snake style fly 4-5 inch long striped slow would pull them of the mud flats in the AM low light. But for me I have been really Lucky with my anglers the last few weeks from Keys guides of 30 plus years to Left Krey there has been some experience on the boat at with the bright sun and incoming tides on the sand flats why not go striper fishing 95 degree heat, we have been seeing fishing on the sand in very very large numbers mostly schooling up on the outer island beaches, your first few casts are key they don't really want you there and they are pretty well feed, some flash along the bottom rubbing sea lice but many are just playing follow the leader, food wise for us there was a pretty big sand shrimp hatch during the last full moon, there is pogies just off the flats for a low light feast there tinkers macs and juvies starting to fall out, But what did we get them to eat? a crab!!! I have a feeling this will be changing as the mind set of fall starts to finally make a presences here in New England,

Fall = Find the bait,Find the fish

Bait stages in coves during half and moves on full moons so look at points and bars on full and new moons and check holding coves during the quarter moons. this is a pretty basic formula but seems to hold pretty true here in Casco Bay if the winds are average but remember the schools of fish move move into the wind or tide witch ever is stronger so check your spots with that in mind, here in the bay it might be the next island over after a good breeze.

If the Idea of a striper moon holds true the first big push is on the first full moon of Sept This year that the 23 rd
and by what I'm seeing it's going to be worth the wait

Also We have been hitting the Carp on the flats with some pretty active fish tailing on the hot evening, I have some dates open in Sept for Both Stripers or Carp.
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Maine Striper Reports May 10 th 2019

And just like that,,,, They are here, not in number and still spotty but the baits and small schoolies are starting to show, check back ...