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Maine Striper Fishing Reports and Guides 2011

< Maine Striper Fishing Updates***** A few quick updates,, I first want to say THANK YOU to all the angler who have fished with me over the years and thinks again for choosing to fish with me again this year!!! with that said if you are looking to book a guided trip again in 2011 there are periods that are booked 3 weeks out, so please get ahold of me asap!!! Also booking for the early season Tidal Carp are gaining some traction even have 3 days booked with Lefty Kreh for Tidal Carp and of course mixed in with some flats fishing for stripers, so for you experienced flats angler, this a must try!!  If you fished with us before mid July you missed out on the new skiff witch has been a game changer for the Tidal Carp and the Portland area sand flats. Not only does the 5 inch drift come in handy on the Carp Flats of MerryMeeting Bay it's the poling into the currents on the sand flats allows us to be in the the right place and keep you there  giving you more shots not just a common…

Striper Fishing Maine 2011

It s small change from the winter solstice meaning (sun standing still) But it's large enough for me to start thinking of the flats of the lower keys and getting my flies in order!!! while I do my permit crabs in groups I find myself throwing in a few color and size changes for the Stripers here in Maine, but last night working on some Permit/Bone-fish Shrimp patterns I turned my thought to the Tidal carp here in Maine and finally made it to bed around 2 AM filling the bath tub to watch the drop and sink rate in about 15 inch of water and how they move.

We are now a month past winter solstice and I'll have to wait to see how the fish re-act to these patterns!! But we all need to be stoked up and outside of traveling somewhere to fish maybe the best thing is some good freinds, food, drinks and the Fly Fishing Film tour -

FlyFishing In Maine is very excited to be partnering with, Coastal Fly Angler and Maine River Guides to again bring the Fly Fishing Film Tou…

Maine Striper Fishing Reports 2011

Maine Saltwater anglers no longer have to sign up with the National Angler Registry because the saltwater license replaces the requirement. Remember to get your license early for the state you fish, and remember if you are on a guided trips with a licensed Capt/Guide you are covered !!!!!!! Unless that guide has not payed up? Also Remember the early worms gets the best tides!!! I have periods that are booked for a few weeks straight out, so if you are looking for some Tides for either Maine Stripers or skinny water Tidal Carp contact me ASAP.

Some UpDates from the DMR.........
Anyone (Maine resident or non-resident) who wishes to fish recreationally in saltwater needs to register in Maine. However, everyone will be able to register to fish for all species, except striped bass, for free.*
Maine residents who purchase a Maine freshwater fishing license will have the option of checking off a box indicating that they intend to fish in saltwater and for striped bass without having to pay …