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Maine Striper Fishing Reports

While you wait for the start of the 2011 Maine Striper Season, here is a fun Video to checkout!!! We will be showing this at the FFFT this March!!
I will Have these for sale along with Coastal Fly Angler Hats and T-Shirts

BLACK TAILED DEVILS By 406 Productions
A decade in the making, Black Tailed Devils is a one of a kind fly fishing movie; the first dedicated to capturing the pursuit of permit on film. The producers of Getting Guided and Into the Backing, the only company hardcore and hellbent enough to target this befuddling species full time, travel to the outer regions of the Florida Keys with tournament-winning guides and their clients to score never before seen footage of the flats' most elusive fish. With an array of reel-searing runs, cursing anglers, pole-throwing guides, and a lifetime's worth of tailing permit, Black Tailed Devils, like no film before it, captures the insanity and exhilieration of chasing permit on the fly. Some of the films sponsor include SIMMS, H…

Striper Fishing Maine


Stripers Forever, the conservation organization advocating for responsible stewardship of wild striped bass along the Atlantic Coast, has announced an outreach initiative to raise money for research on mycobacteriosis, a deadly fish disease that is increasingly prevalent in the Chesapeake Bay where the bulk of stripers that migrate up and down the Atlantic Coast are spawned.

“Myco” is believed to be nearly always fatal to infected striped bass and can create serious health problems for anglers and anyone else handling those fish before they are cooked. Fishery scientists estimate that more than 75 percent of all striped bass in the Chesapeake Bay system are infected with myco. There is at present no known cure for this insidious disease which represents a major threat to the well-being of stripers and thus the future of recreational and commercial striped bass fishing from Maine to North Carolina.

The fund raising appeal b…

Maine Striper Fishing Reports

For you Maine Striper fisherman looking fish outside of Maine this might help?? feel free to contact me if I missed anything here and it would be helpful for others..

New Hampshire Saltwater Fishing Licence......

Go online to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department website (see Resources) and clink on the link to purchase a New Hampshire Saltwater Recreational Fishing License. As of January 1, 2011, the cost of the license is $16 and to fish on the New Hampshire coastline. The New Hampshire Saltwater Recreational Fishing License acts as a registry and does not require any additional action.
Go online to the Massachusetts Marine Fisheries website (see Resources) to obtain a Massachusetts Recreational Saltwater Fishing Permit, if you plan on fishing in Massachusetts. Clink on the link to get a permit, enter your name, date of birth, phone number, email address (optional) and pay the $10 fee. Note: as of January 01, 2011, you do not need to apply for a Massachusetts fi…

Maine Striper Fishing Reports 2011

Crabby Weather???
Feb 2nd and snowing hard, I got a bunch of emails today and qustion about Maine striper fishing and crab patterns, some from anglers who fished with me from the North-East others from outside the region but all effected by today massive weather system, they where at home spinning bugs, kinda cool I thought.Most qustions had to do trips, Flies a few about flylines and leader setups for tossing heavier crabs. So I decide Why not have a crab tying contest summit your photos to win a Coastal Fly Angler hat and Tshirt!!!!I post the winner after the weekend..