Saturday, July 23, 2011

Maine Striper Fishing Reports

Well don't need to explain the weather to any of you, it's hot and the water temps on the mud flats near the river where 74 this morning at 4 AM, sure you can find cooler water and fish on the outer islands and the sand flats have not been to bad on the incoming tide, but a big majority of the larger bait is near the rivers and larger coves and flats. This amount of bait has kept the interest of the bass and we are finding them in some pretty warm water. The bite has a pretty short window, either first light or the first hour or so of the tide change. We broke a fish of yesterday morning that ate my anglers fly is some pretty skinny water that was in that 35-40 inch range and next fish was a bright sea lice cover 14inch striper so mixed bag of sizes, fish seem to be pretty spread-out just not always feeding heavy and if you miss the short window you may think it a dead sea out there..Blue fish have showed there toothy self throughout the Casco Bay area so have some wire with you plenty of little mackerel around. Some areas really took in a lot of floating eel grass after the stronger afternoon sw winds the past few days making some of the area with cooler water holding some active fish pretty tough to get any clean retrieve's, Today my angler came down from his house on the Kennebec for a change of pace and a little skinny water fishing, he was on a pretty long drought getting a striper to eat his fly on the big river and was sick of his kids heckling him for out fishing him with live bait. Having the bow to himself he was treated to a unreal amount of fish high in the water showing themselves but also showing us there tail-using it as there middle finger!!! we where able to move a few and hit a quick photos for his kids.... Release un Quickly this warm water is not easy on them!!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Maine Striper Fishing Reports

With the amount of fish around we continue to have some fun days on the flats with the fly!!! There is plenty of bait around maybe too much but that most likely will change with the BlueFish  that have also keyed into it in parts of the bay, The past three days have had a weird timing  but have also produced some snappy action in skinny water in the bright sun... Overall I am seeing a lot fish grouped up as if a early June migration most likely water temps and food have pushed another layer of fish into our waters We often see this in Late July and August on the outer islands of Casco Bay during long periods of heat to the south, this make for some great dark fresh targets on the sand flats, and this week I had an angler who just hit it right, snappy fish good sky and good enough tide to give some shots and boy did he take advantage of it!! going 13 fish on probably 20 or so cast the fish where on our crab but also the angler had a hell of a skill set and after getting to know a little history I learned he got his 83rd Permit in the keys this past April and when I asked who he fished with down there, it answered a lot of questions he has fished with who most guides feel is the best salt guide for over 25 years, I enjoyed my day and learned a ton, we spent hours discussing crab patterns how they drop to leaders used in currents with crabs that might throw of the drop to casting angles and it also reminded me some anglers can just read fish and the eats better than most...but also smart angling is not just pounding the water!!!!!          

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Maine Striper Fishing with Capt. Eric Wallace

Stripers on Crab Patterns,Tidal Ravine Carp in less then a foot of water and a Big Blue Fish on a Casco Bay mud flat, A NEW KIND OF SKINNY WATER SLAM. With a few hrs between tides of Casco Bay and Merrymeeting under 20 minute car ride we can target a goofy slam without missing out on the best tides for the other speices....

Maine Striper Reports May 10 th 2019

And just like that,,,, They are here, not in number and still spotty but the baits and small schoolies are starting to show, check back ...