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Maine Striper Fishing 2012 Product Reviews

New Weapon!!! Airflo's Ridge Clear family is just that, the ultimate stealth line that won't spook fish, shoots well and handles superbly while remaining supple even in cold water,from the FL Keys to Casco Bay Maine Airflow has some great lines to cover all the salt anglers needs..

Capt.Eric Wallace

Maine Striper Fishing 2012

207-671-4330 call to order..

Blitz $49.95

From Casco Bay to The Outer Banks, they shot photographs, burned video footage, and interviewed an eclectic cast of anglers, guides, merchants, and fly tiers. They filled rent cars with sand, they fought ill-mannered dogs in cheap motels, and they boosted convenience store profits in nine different states.

Departure Publishing is proud to present The Blitz, Fly Fishing the Atlantic Migration. Through McDonald’s turn of phrase, and Brown’s eye for imagery, they have created an engaging and comprehensive view of the beaches, tidal rips, birds, bait, and gamefish of the Eastern Seaboard. This is not a how-to-where-to guidebook; it’s an offbeat celebration of the unique and vibrant fly-fishing culture of striped bass, bluefish, tuna, bonito, false albacore, redfish, and other nearshore pelagics.

Reviews of Blitz
The fishermen profiled here are fascinating, and if you fly fish the Northeast salt, you’ll love this book. Given all the great photos, t…