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Maine Striper Fishing

Airflo Sniper Line

Some of you who fished with me last August or September here in Maine got a chance to cast these new sniper lines from Airflo, I had a few test lines on my skiff and it was simply a home run!!!!

An aggressive short head Striper line.  Airflo took the popular 40+ saltwater series and made it even better.  The new Dual Head taper makes the line perform fantastic at all distances.   It's just that, two heads in one.  The front head has a larger diameter to load the rod for short casts, but the back head retains enough mass and weight for the "Long Bomb" caster.  In short this line is designed to make it easy to cast modest distances without sacrificing the ability to cast to the horizon.  This line will not only get you out there... it will get you out there casting the "Big" stuff.

This upcoming Friday evening join us at LL Beans hunt and fish store for a focused talk on Maine Striper Fishing  and fly tying demos. The focus will be on fishing…

Maine Striper Fishing Reports

Sharing flies and ideas is one of the better parts of fishing, and i cant tell you how lucky I feel to have had some great minds on my skiff over the years!! This past fall a random box came in the mail from Lefty Kreh there was a bunch of flies in it and one particular pattern that had me very excited, We fished it for the first time for stripers here in Maine the season before and while one my boat this past summer I explained I tried to duplicate it from memory but was not getting to sit in the water column like his,Well lefty having a memory like a trapped door sent a few of the pattern this past fall and after a few bath tube test I think I got it close, of course I am not using the flies he tied they are in a box with the hand wrote address on my desk and will remain there!!! 

What really got me in the mindset to share this story was another Angler who I fish quite a bit over the last few years and really has become a good tier in his own right, with all the trade shows going o…