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Maine Striper Fishing Reports ~ 2012

Some good stuff happening out there!! reports from striper fishing here in Maine over the weekend where pretty positive,Casco Bay fished much better than average for this time of the year and we found fish spread out throughout the bay, the rivers from Freeport south and west treated the early season anglers with a few good full on blitzes bringing smiles and striper thumb back to the dock on sunday, Reports I got from a very good angler/guide on the Kennebec where some very large Mackerel, have not herd of any striper action up there yet, my guess they are there and reports will start to surface soon, Carp fishing last week was great on Merrymeeting Bay timing to the tides is a little off this week to fish them in the skinny other than short windows, unless this weather pattern changes, the carp thing is happening a little sooner as well this season last week fish where moving a few ft to eat a fly in less than a foot of water, now those males are getting more interested in the …

Maine Saltwater fishing reports 2012

Quick update! have had some really cool afternoon carp fishing trips the last few days, but the real score was some early season striper fishing that was like mid June!!! Fish from 10 inches to 32 inches in the Portland area of Casco Bay,, Have nothing but solid reports to the south and the Cape Cod Area is on fire!!  (over 1,000,000 alewives at Benton Falls last weekend) are keeping the bass happy, look forward to a good early season thing are coming together nicely for the first time in a few seasons!!!     Capt.Eric Wallace 207-671-4330

Maine Striper Fishing 2012 reports

Some good water temps and good amount bait have provided some positive results for the early season crew on Casco Bay. Still down loading from the tarpon fishing in the keys I got caught up on switching lines over to cool water and took the new skiff for a quick run, back at the dock ran into a few other anglers who spent some time fishing and both reported picking up a few fish, Add in some great water temps for early season and well spread out, so as fish continue to move in they should be pretty happy.I will be on the water starting in the next day or so either scouting or guiding pretty much every day throughout the summer and will continue with reports on Maine striper fishing for the 2012 season.     Capt.Eric Wallace 207-671-4330

2012 Stripers are being caught in Maine waters

Hardy 8 wt pro axis put a quick turn on this fish in skinny water!!!! Quick Maine Report. Although my focus the past month or so has been Tarpon, a fun report came yesterday from a friend fishing in the Camp Ellis/ Saco area in Maine.  For a couple of hrs the crew there pick up fish at a pretty good pace and in the end his count was 14 striped bass in the 18-28 inch size range and two Shad. For early season striper fishing on a fly rod this is a good report and was followed up by a few nice photos of bright fish, and as I continue with my journey back to Maine with a flats skiff in tow from the FL Keys the positive reports.~~~   Gear Reviews. I never intended the  little gear reviews to have much traction on this blog, but the amount of emails and questions about the fly lines from airflow has been fun but also helpful and allows for some good feed back to the companies, so I decide I would continue with a few more reviews and touch base on some products that h…