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Maine Striper Fishing Report - September

This past week ended on a high note, with Friday one the best days I have seen in Years!!

Large snappy fish and perfect weather and not another car in the parking lot at the boat ramp made for a great day that was welcomed on many levels. After dealing with cold morning temp and 4 days of a northerly wind direction we were finding fish but they where hugging the bottom and the birds were sitting on the rock and the bait was down deep, it's amazing how quickly things come to life and show movement when the temps just bounce back a little bit. A low last Monday of 38 and winds to 30 mph has faded and this Fridays morning low of 56 add in nice sunny weather on Saturday bringing back the near shore water temps that seemed like they fell off a cliff. The bottom line is the Kennebec and Casco Bay have a ton of fish in the system and they are starting to move and we are at the point where it could be epic at any point during the day!!! The bait is very spread out and in Casco Bay you do y…