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Maine Striper Fishing 2014 Water Temp Updates, Stripers are Here!!!!!

Quick report from Coastal Fly Anglers Capt Mike Roy, Casco Bay has fish!!! 5/18/2014
Outgoing afternoon tide had surface temps in the mid 50s in the rivers. Finding clean water after all the rain yesterday was key. Still a bit spotty but surprisingly good for this early on. small flies on intermediate lines brought some schoolie size fish to the boat. Give a call if your looking to get out on the upcoming long weekend... The striper fishing is on fire in New Jersey, and it’s getting better each day in New York and the slow start on the cape seems to be showing signs of improvement, New Hampshire and Maine could see thing happen quickly due to the water temps and bait movement. The water temps just offshore are looking good and its not to often we are this close to the same temps as Rhode Island in early May. If fish show up early we will report!! and Coastal Fly Anglers Capt Mike Roy is available for early season trips while I am still in the FL Keys. Not long now!!! looking forward to…