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Maine Striper Fishing 2015 updates and new rules!!!

In the Fall of 2014 Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Striped Bass Management Board voted to implement new coastwide recreational striped bass  regulations of 1 fish per day at a minimum size 28 inches, which scientists estimated would achieve a 31% reduction in the harvest. Giving states the option to find there own equivalent regs as long as they achieve at least a 25 percent reduction, you would think states would work together on this, once again the jackasses in ther suits and ties sitting on there ass far from the tide water find away to screw it up!!! what you got Maryland??

Devil in the detail.... conservation-equivalency-or-exploitation-equivalency please see the link!!
Maine: Two options are being considered. Option A: One fish 28″ or larger. Option B: One fish slot, 24″ to 26″
New Hampshire: Daily limit for striped bass: 1 fish per day, 28″ or larger. Massachusetts:  Daily limit for striped bass: 1 fish per day, 28″ or larger. Rhode Island: Daily limit for striped …