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June 26, 2009 Maine Striper Fishing Report,

Let's hope the weathers worst is behind us, and we can get on with summer!!!! that said with all the big rain's ugly water and NE winds- the fish did not leave!!!! some moved to the outer islands some move away from the rivers, but they are here. For us we have seen and moved the most fish at the bottom of these big tides and just after the turn, Poling the mud flat yesterday we would come up on schools of laid up fish at slack tide in less then two feet of water, some fish would be wondering around feeding, our problem was getting a clean cast where the fish where we had lot's of floating weeds from some of the biggest tides of the year and the big wind from the past few days, So yes the fish and bait are around- work the bottom of the tides and be freaking stealthy as you can, and even if you line a fish strip like hell- sometimes they will turn and pounce on it. Look for some stable weather SW winds and average tides to really turn things back on !!!

Open Dates for Ju…

Maine Striper Fishing Report, June 19, 2009

June 19 Striper fishing report, Maine's Casco Bay
After a couple just outstanding trips this week, the weather is looking to go to S@#t for a few days.If this past week is an indicator, we are really in for one hell of a striper fishing season in Maine this year,it's seems like every where we go we see fish, very full happy fish not always wanting to eat the first fly you throw at them, but they are here!!!! and you can work out a few fish in each area.

Cracking the no blitz code

We had some small tides this week, witch was good and bad, first off it aloud the flats to hold enough water to fish real good right through the peak sun, for some great sight fishing on wednesday,the down side was the fish stayed up for a shorter time during the lower light surface action. Most likly due to the small tides I'll take the good on that any-day.

The guys who are poling or working the flats real slow, guides and non guides are so stoked on how many fish they are seeing,but some are gett…

Maine Striper fishing reports

Maine Stripers on a Casco Bay flat.

From Soggy weather blitzes to sunny weather sight fishing the last two week have just been a ton of fun for us here in Maine, I started my Maine striper fishing season sight fishing sand flats in late May? this is a first for me.I have scouted these flats the last 8 years from a poling platform and this year was the first I have seen them there this early!! when some cloudy weather killed the sun we started fishing Casco Bay, witch was already having very good reports from other Capt's and fishy locals.

My first guide day on Casco Bay was June 3 and in our first hour we land over ten slot size fish, it turned off quickly after the sun pop out mid morning. The Bay has really continue to fish very well, there is a ton of big bait in the rivers, the alewife run was good ,now the Blue Back Herring have poured into the rivers as well, Mackerels are blitzing all over the place on the small atlantic herring juvies-and swarms of sand eels are drifting in …

Maine Striper Fishing Reports

Well-Wow thing are off to a great start here in Maine!!! the fish are showing and we are having a great early season for us,
Ive been doing trips in Maine and Mass from May 21 on and it's just getting better by the day!!! so get out there and look forward to an much better season the last year. I'm keeping this report short, I helped with the flyfishing film tour in Portland last night and had a trip this Morning. A few emails came in today, looking for June dates- I have the 13 of June open then the next open date is July 11 th. drop a line if your looking to fish I can hook you up with some great guides or fish an evening half day if the tides are right.

Also check out the comments on last week Blog from anglers fishing the New Meadows

Capt.Eric Wallace