Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Maine Striper Fishing Reports 2017

Striper reports for 2017 will start soon, I am still in the FL Keys for Tarpon season, but will start doing trips in June back in Maine!!!  Check out this  short vid of a eat a few jumps and then fish bent out the hook.... Angler Chris Anderson from MT fishes the  Keys and Casco Bay, while living in one of the best Trout towns on the planet,, saltwater fix!!!! Capt Eric Wallace 207-671-4330

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Welcome 2017 Fishing season.

Hope everyone has had a good winter and spring can move forward into the North East any day now!!! or you could come to spring and fish the Tarpon season in the lower keys. As far as fishing reports go,  I will post early season striper reports from the Cape Cod to Portland, once things get going for the 2017 season, I will be in the Keys into June and If you are looking to fish down here drop a email or give a call...

Airflow Product review.....Old Review from 2012        Fly Anglers when its goes to fly lines are often looking for a better mouse trap, a line that matches there new rod or casting style.  One of the reasons I put this link up to the old review is to show how long this series from Airflow as been a constant on my skiff, works well on so many rod actions these days, every level of caster enjoys it's performance and so often given them that extra range with bigger flies that our fishery demands. From floating lines to custom cut, Designed with a short compact head and integrated running line, these are  designed for extreme distance and casting big flies, there running line is truly hassle free. They come in floating, intermediate sink, type 3, and type 7 sinkers, so all of you fishing eventualities are covered. 

 A new sniper addition is the WF10 'custom cut' line - a level 35 foot head of 14 grains per foot going into an intermediate running line. 

Five years in the making!!!!!!!

The film is a multi-year road trip to intercept the Striped Bass migration from The remote beaches of the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia through New Jersey's famed shore, to Rhode Island, night hunting in New York City, & a day on the flats in The Hamptons, to the rocky surf of Montauk, the sparkling islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket off of Massachusetts & up to the white sand flats of Maine. 3 parts: DVD, Spring, Summer and Fall The DVD follows the migration from Virginia to Maine in all conditions. Special features with new content including: inside surf guru Bill Wetzel's surf bag, Bob Popovics on-site beach tie of his famous hollow fly, Paul Dixon tying an epoxy fly for the flats, behind the scenes with world record holder Greg Myerson and friends, plus a memorable marina poem after the blitz with Pink Floyd's Roger Waters. The film about the Striped Bass migration begins in The Chesapeake Bay in Virginia and follows the fish and the anglers who love them through New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York City, and The Hamptons, Montauk, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts and up to Maine. Conventional World Record Holder Greg Myerson makes the 
boat shake with both his enthusiasm and his fish catches. His innovations are changing the sport. Along the way we fish from beaches and chase stripers in shallow water and blitzes with fly rods as well in moments that make your heart race.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Maine Striper Fishing Reports June/July 2016

Lots of Bait Lots of Striped Bass  all good!!!

After  Tarpon season in the Keys, its fun to come back to some easy fishing, but first off I will need to say sorry for lack of reports, rolled into town after the drive back from the keys with the flat skiff in tow and turned around and was on the water 36 hrs later. I will tell you there are lots of little fish really spread out almost the entire bay and most of Maine's better waters are holding a mix of fish from 10-40 inches and Casco Bay has  seems to see a good push of fresh fish every few tides. lots of bait working there way into the river systems, the flats are working well, as long as you find the water temps you should be finding some snappy bigger fish. the outer island water temps are still off. More soon and give or text call to book a tide or just a updated report . Capt Eric Wallace  207-671-4330

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Maine Striper Fishing Reports and Guides

No -not a Striper, Its Tarpon Season in the lower Keys and I will be adding in some reports for the Keys as well... If you are interest in Fishing down here feel free to contact me.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Early Season Updates and Fly Pattern, Maine Striper Fishing

  Long Island’s bays and backwaters are teeming with baitfish. Herring, bunker, spearing, and even peanut bunker have been spotted in marinas, tidal creeks, and bays around the island.  when migratory stripers do arrive they’ll have plenty of food to keep them around and happy. Some stripers that have been caught on long island are thought to be resident fish, . Migratory fish should be arriving soon, and then the action on Cape Cod will not be too long after, once reports  start to surface. I will keep updates on the striper migration, but don't be to surprised if there is a little on the Tarpon fishing in the Fla Keys I will be guiding down there through late June and returning in-time for the best of Casco Bays Flats season for Striped Bass. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Maine Striper Fishing Reports Updated 2016

Check out the Jan/Feb 2016  Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine article on fishing Casco Bay.

Also Stripers Forever Live Auction starts Feb 5- 19th some great Gear and Guide Trips are up for auction, please help support a great group doing good stuff for the fishery.

Striper Forever  Annual Angler Survey Results
The results of the Stripers Forever 2015 Annual Fishing Survey are finalized and you will find them below. In 2015 we received 657 responses to our annual survey.  This represents the second year in a row of participation decline, and we believe that it reflects a decreasing interest in the fishery due to a decline in the quality of fishing.  This year’s survey has again produced a good representative sampling of sentiments from fishers all along the striper’s migratory range, and as usual MA and NJ vied for the greatest contributions with 154 and 149 completed surveys respectively.
2015 saw very little change in angler sentiment.  82% of anglers reported catching fewer fish compared to 85% in 2014.  73% said they were catching smaller fish compared to 71% in 2014.   In 2015 84% described the striper fishery as worse or much worse compared to 85% last year.  It seems evident that most of the older, larger fish from the great year classes of the 1990s and early 2000s have been removed from the population, and with the exception of an occasional school at certain peak periods the population is much less abundant now, and comprised mostly of smaller fish from the poor and mediocre year classes that have generally characterized the fishery since 2003.
We asked our members about what they were seeing from the 2011 year class.  The results were that 84% felt that this year class, which ASMFC biologist seem to be counting on, was appearing in the fishery at levels far below those that one would expect.  Only 16% of respondents felt that the 2011 year class was evident at levels expected from such a huge year class.
Answers to questions about the need for a slot limit of smaller-sized stripers, and what percentage of the current commercial quotas should be reallocated to recreational quotas, show that our members continue to believe we should not be harvesting large, breeding stripers, that they want to set aside a high percentage of the current commercial catch for conservation – and not harvest it themselves.  75% of our members said that they are willing to buy a stamp to finance the buyout of the commercial fishery.
We had survey results from 61 guides.  Without a doubt the decline in striper fishing is hurting this valuable industry as well as the related fishing tourism and tackle businesses.  The guides know how to fish their areas, though, and can usually produce the best results possible from their home waters.  If you are thinking about a guided trip please check out the guides and tackle shops listed on the Stripers Forever website.
We will send this information to the press and to fishery policy makers everywhere.  We hope that you will use this information personally to help us advocate for the goal of coast-wide striped bass game fish.  Please share the results with your local fishing club, home town newspaper, and elected officials that you may know.    

For More visit Stripers Forever website.

June Striper fishing 2017 reports Maine Casco Bay

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