Saturday, March 25, 2017

Welcome 2017 Fishing season.

Hope everyone has had a good winter and spring can move forward into the North East any day now!!! or you could come to spring and fish the Tarpon season in the lower keys. As far as fishing reports go,  I will post early season striper reports from the Cape Cod to Portland, once things get going for the 2017 season, I will be in the Keys into June and If you are looking to fish down here drop a email or give a call...

Airflow Product review.....Old Review from 2012        Fly Anglers when its goes to fly lines are often looking for a better mouse trap, a line that matches there new rod or casting style.  One of the reasons I put this link up to the old review is to show how long this series from Airflow as been a constant on my skiff, works well on so many rod actions these days, every level of caster enjoys it's performance and so often given them that extra range with bigger flies that our fishery demands. From floating lines to custom cut, Designed with a short compact head and integrated running line, these are  designed for extreme distance and casting big flies, there running line is truly hassle free. They come in floating, intermediate sink, type 3, and type 7 sinkers, so all of you fishing eventualities are covered. 

 A new sniper addition is the WF10 'custom cut' line - a level 35 foot head of 14 grains per foot going into an intermediate running line. 

Five years in the making!!!!!!!

The film is a multi-year road trip to intercept the Striped Bass migration from The remote beaches of the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia through New Jersey's famed shore, to Rhode Island, night hunting in New York City, & a day on the flats in The Hamptons, to the rocky surf of Montauk, the sparkling islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket off of Massachusetts & up to the white sand flats of Maine. 3 parts: DVD, Spring, Summer and Fall The DVD follows the migration from Virginia to Maine in all conditions. Special features with new content including: inside surf guru Bill Wetzel's surf bag, Bob Popovics on-site beach tie of his famous hollow fly, Paul Dixon tying an epoxy fly for the flats, behind the scenes with world record holder Greg Myerson and friends, plus a memorable marina poem after the blitz with Pink Floyd's Roger Waters. The film about the Striped Bass migration begins in The Chesapeake Bay in Virginia and follows the fish and the anglers who love them through New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York City, and The Hamptons, Montauk, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts and up to Maine. Conventional World Record Holder Greg Myerson makes the 
boat shake with both his enthusiasm and his fish catches. His innovations are changing the sport. Along the way we fish from beaches and chase stripers in shallow water and blitzes with fly rods as well in moments that make your heart race.

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