Friday, July 30, 2010

Maine Striper Fishing Reports and Trips

The last few days I have been doing some work with Confluence films and there Follow up to the movies Drift and Rise,A quick fishing report the fish have been coming to a black snake or hollow pattern on the mud and the EP Fiber crab still wins on the sand flats,Leader or tippet must go down on the sand we have been fishing pretty light to get the eat, The fish seem to be getting a little more snappy on the cooler mornings, seeing lots of fish in all sizes but getting the eat was a little tough during the up and down weather, and shifty winds,The weather seems a little bit more stable so we might have a better bite this weekend and there has been some small blitzs happening around the area, have fun out there!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Maine Striper Fishing Reports and Guided Trips

Thing are really turning back around in Casco Bay, it's was not a lack of fish that had us frustrated it was a combination of really warm humid nights keeping the water temps high on the mud flats and with the big tides and a good swell the grass lines on the outside islands was almost impossible to get a clean retrieve, the real frustrations was we where and still are seeing lots of fish on the sand flats, we just could not get a clean shot until the last few tides, it looks like some of the grass got push onto shore and will be staying there for a few days at this point hopefully more. Fish wise, i'm herng some good report coast-wide other than the beach angler they are having a real tough time, fishing these water temps and with the big tides last week the beach guys had a real short window on the incoming tide, witch hands down is fish much better then a dropping. Boats anglers in Casco Bay had some good reports, the fly guys that where using there fly line to get under the weeds seemed to be happier than the spin who just took a few days of due to the floating grass mess!!, Started getting broke off by blues this past weekend and some came to the boat with some size, 10 lb range.

I also fished the sand flats S of Portland with the little skiff had a few tides that the weeds where just as bad, but saw lots of fish moving over the sand we had a few hr period with tons of shots at 30 inch plus fish on the sand we boated a few
on a small olive crab,There is plenty of ait and fish around work the bottom of the outgoing and the first 5 ft of incoming tides hard, thing really slow down when the tide starts to swamp out. The Kennebec guys are reporting some good angling a few have turned over to fishing deeper with live bait if that your thing you will most likely do well, a few guys have reported some good fishing on the flats, but like ours being there at the right tide is key!!! Just got areport fro J Ford who was tuna fishing today saw lot of fish mostly large but the guys are reporting catching lots!!!!! of bass in there trolling rigs 3-7 miles offshore and mostly big 20 plus pound fish .

Long Sleeve T shirt are ready please call or email if your are interested Hats will be next week!!!

The rest of the week, I will be working with confluence films on there follow up to Rise and Drift, hope to represent our fishing well but also provide a voice for some of the issue we face with the fishery!!! On that note while we where running in today I saw a buddy poling a flat that been pretty warm up until the last day or two, with water temps in the lower to mid sixties the fishing really turned on for him, but he came off while i was washing down my skiff to show a few photos of a fish that concerned him, It look like Mycobacteriosis by what i understand the fish who have this witch is many can really flare up in the warm waters, please take note of the water temps and if you feel it safe for the fish for quick photo please send it to Bruce Joule at Maine's DMR

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Maine Striper Fishing Reports and Guided Trips

Worm Hatch Has started!!!!!

Here is our new skiff!! 750 lb with power floats skinny and poles great, Perfect for the Sand Flats and chasing tailing Carp on the mud, Just had a few days open up July 10 and 12 also the 18-21,And a few opening for Aug left as well. 207-671-4330

Warm water and high tides. Just the right combination for a worm "hatch" in the Nor'east. before you know it, the water rushing out of estuaries and off the mud flats is in the high 60-70 degree range. That's warm enough to give marine worms a nudge.

""Worm Next To a size 4 Merkin Crab""
Next New Moon July 11
Water Temp 68 This could be good!!!!

There not much that can pull bass away from so much food they have in the cool water on the outter island of Casco Bay other than when the water temperatures around Casco Bay push into the mid and high 60s, and we have moon tides, the worm "hatch" season is in full swing for us.
Worm "hatch" is really a misnomer. These wigglers aren't morphing the way insects do. In fact, the event isn't a "hatch" at all, but a spawn when sexually active sea worms do, indeed, change shape and coloration.

When Nature comes a knockin' on the worm hole door, spring tides are like Bolero for the worms, but spawning swarms need not be confined to those days just before, during and after a full or new moon. It can happen at almost any time, so Nor'east Saltwater fly rodders should make it a point to carry at least a few cinderworm patterns from now through September.

In general, the worms are red with one light-colored end, but colors can shift from location to location.

I'm not a biologist, so I'm not even going to try to identify all of these varieties, but in his book, A Fly-Fisher's Guide to Saltwater Naturals and their Imitations,George V. Roberts, Jr. classifies them as the genus Nereis. He says the species include all of our names for marine worms: cinderworms, mussel worms, pileworms, sandworms and bloodworms. Whether or not cinderworm is an actual species or simply a nickname still escapes me. If anyone has a definitive answer, please let me know.

For most fly rodders, it's enough to know that the worms are there and when they are, striped bass usually aren't far away.

A worm swarm to a school of stripers is like a Free Lunch sign to a Hockey team. Stripers gather at the mouth of an estuary or any outflow where worms are active and start to binge.

The worms are fairly easy pickin's as they are swept along by the outgoing tide, but they are not at the total mercy of the current. Part of the spawning transformation is the growth of paddle-like appendages, again along the rear of the worm. It helps to help propel them toward the surface, so they're actually coming at us tail first in an effort to create more worms. This is why we mistakenly refer to the "tail" as the "head," if, indeed, the distinction has any significance, except to another worm. Though the worms may appear to be trapped in a current, they are actually wiggling their way up and your presentation should try to duplicate this movement.

True. The stripers are feeding on the surface. That much is evident from all the slurping that goes on during a swarm, but you need not rely solely on a floating line. Actually, an Intermediate line is can be a better choice, mostly because of its significantly smaller diameter which is less likely to be effected by the current. Clear fly lines may also be a plus,On the mud flat in Casco Bay I use Floating lines 90 % of the time but what seems to work best is a slightly longer leader than what Nor'east Saltwater fly rodders might normally use, a twitching presentation and a little bit of luck. Don't overburden the presentation with a heavy pound-test tippet, either. Keep it at 12 and under.

Bear in mind, too, that these worms don't have the power to propel themselves home again. After the worms spawn, they die and the incoming water gently delivers next year's worm swarm home, so fly fishing on the outgoing beach side of an outflow can often be productive, too.

It is not uncommon to find a worm swarm in the somewhat gentler currents of a harbor, particularly one that has rich wetlands at its head. In this case, plan on working the shoreline all the way to the mouth of the harbor, keeping in mind that it will take a little longer for the worms to be swept to your location. Such situations may also send somewhat of a warm swarm along an adjacent, open-water beach front.

Have fun and tell them you might be late for work on Monday and Tuesday next week.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Maine Striper Fishing Reports and Guided Trips

Crab Size that has been working for us, 12 ft leader down to 10 lb!!

Well, if you judge a fishery on opportunities this is nuts how many nice fish are in Casco Bay or all Maine's striper waters right now!!!! But getting the eat has been a little bit of chasing an early start, tides and reading the fish. The later being the most difficult if you are fishing from shore or a noisy boat, simply the fish don't need to eat our flies they really don't need to waste energy chasing our flies, they have all they need and can eat when ever they want. But they are stripers and there are always a few who are a little more snappy, one thing that has been consistent for us is not to throw a the big groups, I know it hard to reframe from doing so, but those fish are social and read off any nervous energy from the group, Read my last post on the Green merkin crab it has been our best producer for the last 2 weeks followed by a small olive sand eel pattern I tie with Finish Racoon. WE are targeting tides and sun angles for sight fishing and missed a few of the early starts exchanging them for the sand on the incoming tides,and it paid off!!

Couple of things happening in Casco Bay that was frustrating anglers last week was the weed/grass floating everywhere, I here you, it took a few places holding tons of fish out of the picture, as you got very few clean retrieves - well the bait stuck to those weed lines during that period of nw wind and cooler nights and we found some real active feeds on the opposite shoreline, and had the place to ourselves for a few days So pay attention to the winds if it blows hard for a few days you may want to check out the down wind islands shoreline even if doesn't have structure your looking to fish, check it out it may hold fish for a few tides then go back to to there normal summer holding spots,

South - North
Reports from Dave Skok fishing Cape Ann area, like our lots of well feed Bass using the flats to lay up, his eats are coming on small patterns as well. he also reports there are tons of fish feeding a few miles off on large sand eel and the word is the fish seemed to be moving our way,When we talked today by PH he was stoked on the past great sight fishing days last week,,

The Kennebec guides are reporting some real good fishing, and it sounds like it holding up well in the evening as well, If you are looking to fish the Kennebec flats give Peter Fallon Call or if you are looking to fish the structure and rips try Capt Gorge Harris.

And finally the tidal Carp fishing has had a few moments for us as well, they like warm humid days, good timing on the tides has had us casting to tailing fish for a few hrs and 4 fish over 12 lbs to boat, Our new skiff is floating and poling well in 5 inches of water, is a dream for fishing the sand flats as well,

Casco Bay Striper Tournament
19th Annual Catch and Release Striper Tournament to be held on August 20-21st 2010.   Yarmouth Baot Yard will also be hosting a Captains Dinner on Friday night before the tournament.  This year YBY is proud to announce that L.L. Bean will be the corporate sponsor.
Tournament Prizes (For 2010)

• 1st Place .......... $1,000 Cash
• 2nd Place ......... $500 Cash
• 3rd Place .......... $250 Cash
• 10th Place ........ $125
• 15th Place ........ $125
• 1st Place .......... $1,000 Cash
• 2nd Place ......... $500 Cash
• 3rd Place .......... $250 Cash
• 10th Place ........ $125
• 15th Place ........ $125
Fly Fishing-Stripers Only
• 1st Place .......... $750 Cash
• 2nd Place ......... $500 Cash
• 3rd Place .......... $250 Cash
• Slam ........ $250
• CCA Member Raffle

After years of customers asking for hats with my fly logo on it, we are now selling Hats T-Shirts and Buffs, and the fall blitz beenie, we should be all set for online orders in the next few weeks, drop us an email if your interested.

Open AM trips for July 18,19,20,21 Evening trips call 207-671-4330
Aug AM 4-7 13,14 19-20

Maine Striper Reports May 10 th 2019

And just like that,,,, They are here, not in number and still spotty but the baits and small schoolies are starting to show, check back ...