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Maine Striper Fishing Reports and Trips

The last few days I have been doing some work with Confluence films and there Follow up to the movies Drift and Rise,A quick fishing report the fish have been coming to a black snake or hollow pattern on the mud and the EP Fiber crab still wins on the sand flats,Leader or tippet must go down on the sand we have been fishing pretty light to get the eat, The fish seem to be getting a little more snappy on the cooler mornings, seeing lots of fish in all sizes but getting the eat was a little tough during the up and down weather, and shifty winds,The weather seems a little bit more stable so we might have a better bite this weekend and there has been some small blitzs happening around the area, have fun out there!!!!

Maine Striper Fishing Reports and Guided Trips

Thing are really turning back around in Casco Bay, it's was not a lack of fish that had us frustrated it was a combination of really warm humid nights keeping the water temps high on the mud flats and with the big tides and a good swell the grass lines on the outside islands was almost impossible to get a clean retrieve, the real frustrations was we where and still are seeing lots of fish on the sand flats, we just could not get a clean shot until the last few tides, it looks like some of the grass got push onto shore and will be staying there for a few days at this point hopefully more. Fish wise, i'm herng some good report coast-wide other than the beach angler they are having a real tough time, fishing these water temps and with the big tides last week the beach guys had a real short window on the incoming tide, witch hands down is fish much better then a dropping. Boats anglers in Casco Bay had some good reports, the fly guys that where using there fly line to get under th…

Maine Striper Fishing Reports and Guided Trips

Worm Hatch Has started!!!!!

Here is our new skiff!! 750 lb with power floats skinny and poles great, Perfect for the Sand Flats and chasing tailing Carp on the mud, Just had a few days open up July 10 and 12 also the 18-21,And a few opening for Aug left as well. 207-671-4330

Warm water and high tides. Just the right combination for a worm "hatch" in the Nor'east. before you know it, the water rushing out of estuaries and off the mud flats is in the high 60-70 degree range. That's warm enough to give marine worms a nudge.

""Worm Next To a size 4 Merkin Crab""
Next New Moon July 11
Water Temp 68 This could be good!!!!

There not much that can pull bass away from so much food they have in the cool water on the outter island of Casco Bay other than when the water temperatures around Casco Bay push into the mid and high 60s, and we have moon tides, the worm "hatch" season is in full swing for us.
Worm "hatch" is really a misnomer. These w…

Maine Striper Fishing Reports and Guided Trips

Crab Size that has been working for us, 12 ft leader down to 10 lb!!

Well, if you judge a fishery on opportunities this is nuts how many nice fish are in Casco Bay or all Maine's striper waters right now!!!! But getting the eat has been a little bit of chasing an early start, tides and reading the fish. The later being the most difficult if you are fishing from shore or a noisy boat, simply the fish don't need to eat our flies they really don't need to waste energy chasing our flies, they have all they need and can eat when ever they want. But they are stripers and there are always a few who are a little more snappy, one thing that has been consistent for us is not to throw a the big groups, I know it hard to reframe from doing so, but those fish are social and read off any nervous energy from the group, Read my last post on the Green merkin crab it has been our best producer for the last 2 weeks followed by a small olive sand eel pattern I tie with Finish Racoon. WE are …