Saturday, July 21, 2012

Maine Striper Fishing Reports

Crab Size that has been working for us, 12 ft leader down to 10 lb!!

Well, if you judge a fishery on opportunities this is nuts how many nice fish are in Casco Bay or all Maine's striper waters right now!!!! But getting the eat has been a little bit of chasing an early start, tides and reading the fish. The later being the most difficult if you are fishing from shore or a noisy boat, simply the fish don't need to eat our flies they really don't need to waste energy chasing our flies, they have all they need and can eat when ever they want. But they are stripers and there are always a few who are a little more snappy, one thing that has been consistent for us is not to throw a the big groups, I know it hard to reframe from doing so, but those fish are social and read off any nervous energy from the group, Read my last post on the Green merkin crab it has been our best producer for the last 2 weeks followed by a small olive sand eel pattern I tie with Finish Racoon. WE are targeting tides and sun angles for sight fishing and missed a few of the early starts exchanging them for the sand on the incoming tides,and it paid off!. flats..../> Capt Eric Wallace 207-671-4330

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Maine Striper Fishing Reports

Even if the bite slows down the sight fishing continues to be excellent when the tides and sun angles come together, the amount of fish in Maines waters is impressive but also the amount of food these fish have combined with warmer water temps and last weeks bright moon had the fly anglers thinking a little bit out of the box to get some eats. The next few days tides on Casco Bay are not my favorite, going into a slack high tide just after sunrise, try all black flies fished a little deeper or banging a popper of the banks might turn on the right fish. Looking forward we have fun tides ahead plenty of fish should contuine being a fun summer here in Maine. Here is a few photos of fish that ate our crab pattern sight fishing the sand flats..    

Maine Striper Reports May 10 th 2019

And just like that,,,, They are here, not in number and still spotty but the baits and small schoolies are starting to show, check back ...