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Some fun stuff still to be had here in Maine, windows can be short or you might find snappy fish on both sides of the tide, here on Casco Bay we have been seeing some good surface  feeds on the flats near the rivers and bigger bays around the 2-7 ft range on the incoming tide.

This past weekend was pretty crappy and windy but we did give it a go and found some fish and the water temps are still holding well,  the bait is poring out of the rivers and on the the move. Now as I write this the big full moon is out and I always suspect of fall full moons and fish moving out of here on them, we will see? doing trips the next three days and this upcoming weekend and will try to post or  drop a line or give a call for quicker  updates, if the fishing remains as strong as it did this past week this upcoming week, I will continue to offer trips the following week if the water temps/weather and fishing in general holds up. So give a call and either Capt Mike or I can get you out,

Capt.Eric Wallace

Maine striper fishing

First off need to apologize for a lack of reports on the blog, I have been  guiding one to two trips day all summer and add in a filming for Howard Films who brought you ( Chasing Silver) new project, simply I have have been on the water to much to get anything else done.. A quick view looking back on August just gives me smiles!! the sight fishing held up really strong and we just boated a good amount of f nice fish on crab patterns in the shallows. For the most part my entire summer has been in the skinny stuff and when I look back at how few hrs that went on the outboard versus how many pairs of sun/poling gloves I went through, I would be more than happy to see a season like again... Looking forward things will change small bait is starting to drop out of the rivers as well few schools of adult pogies are in the Casco Bay and  a few areas  the peanuts have made a showing and offered a few good surface feeds. In the shallows we are really starting to see the fish school up more and…