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Capt. Eric Wallace: Open Dates 2008

July------12 and 26
Aug------23,24 and 25 Call about Labor day weekend! and September Dates
Above are AM trips, there are a few PM half day tides still open!!!

I'll update September Soon!!
Kennebec River Pro AM=Booked
Royal River Striper Tourament=Booked

Maine saltwater fishing reports

A large school of Pogies is sitting just South of Portland and mixed in are some horse Macs, plenty of smaller stripers are in the Casco Bay area many are holdovers. The pogies to the south are in good numbers for the first time in years,it may take a few more days of light S west winds and a stable weather pattern. For the most part the word on the water from Boston north is it seems a week to 10 days off, we had 5 days of N East winds that killed the water temp. Combine that with lots of bait to the south, the fish are happy where they are. Once the fish do push up to Portland Casco Bay area, there is no need for them to move north for a few weeks!!
The holdovers and schoollies have been active when the tides right and the sun has had a chance to warm the flats in Casco Bay. but not gangbusters yet, give it a week or so.

Maine Striper Fishing : Capt Eric Wallace


Large Bait is moving into the rivers of Casco Bay, the Presumpscot,Royal, Cousins and New Meadows all have large bait runs of river herring and alewives. These big bait bring some big stripers, big flies and sink tips fished in the river channels over structure are the norm. If you are like many of the flats anglers I fish and would rather watch paint dry then fish a 375 gr sink tip all day. The estuaries and flats of Casco Bay come alive with smaller bait and active striper feeds, much early then most other area's on Maine's coast. With flats that are measured in miles warming the water, and moving the Bass onto them and out of the rivers in search of the Tidewater Silversides, Juvie Herring and large Grass shrimp hatch all add to the early season attractions of lower Casco Bay.

As we move deeper into June a New or full moon brings the worm hatches of Casco Bay. These hatches or worm swarms bring good size happy stripers onto the flats, and there here to eat! The rig…