Monday, June 30, 2008

Maine Striper Fishing on the flats 2008

Blue fish showed up and feed hard on the large pogies, then we would find them schooled up on flats near the edges of eel grass beds and warmer mud. Blues being blues are always willing to eat a fly if there not spooked, Tim did a great job keeping his body and cast low and droping the line light in some skinny water to get the eat.

This Fish Was caught by Jerry Gibbs who is also taking the Photo in Late June of 2008, Bigger fish had moved in the bay feeding hard on pogies then drifting around the warmer flats to digest. This fish ate the fly in about 18 inches of water about 200 ft from deep water, Jerry had fun with that fight!!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Customers Used rod list


Loomis GLX 9’ - 4 pc. - 6 wt. Good $275
Scott G 9.5’- 4pc. - 7 wt. Fair $175
Loomis GLX 9.5’- 4 pc. - 8 wt. Good $275
Loomis GLX 9.5’- 4 pc. - 8 wt. Excellent $350
Scott STS 9’ - 3 pc. - 8 wt. Excellent $300
Loomis GLX 9’ - 4 pc. - 9 wt. Good $275
Loomis GLX 9’ - 4 pc. - 9 wt. Fair $200
Graphite USA HT 9’ - 4 pc. - 10 wt. Good $150
St. Croix Legend Ultra 9’ - 3 pc. - 10 wt. Good $200
Thomas & Thomas HS 9’ - 4 pc. - 10 wt. Good $250
Loomis GLX 9’ - 4 pc. - 10 wt. Good $275
Loomis G3 Mega 9’ - 3 pc. - 13/14 wt. Excellent $300
Orvis HLS 9’ - 4 pc. - 12 wt. Good $100
Loomis IMX 9’ - 4 pc. - 12 wt. Good $200


Excellent: New/almost new; clean cork

Good: Cork discolored; has been fished, otherwise very good condition

Fair: Obviously fished but very serviceable

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Sage Fly Rods Brad Burns

Brad Burns - Stripers Forever
Maine, U.S.A
The battle of the striped bass is on, and Brad Burns, President of Stripers Forever, is on the frontlines, fighting to protect the fish so many of us pursue.

It’s a calling he simply couldn’t ignore.

“When the stripers disappeared in the ’70s, the commercial fishery faded away,” Brad says. “But as the fish came back, so did the commercial fishing—to the same levels that preceded the crash in the first place.”

In the last five years, anglers have seen the population of spawning-age stripers fall by nearly 20%. Spurred by a massive increase in commercial harvest quotas and alarmed by the plummeting numbers of big fish, Brad and other concerned anglers banded together to form Stripers Forever in 2003. Since then, they’ve spent nearly every waking hour working to stop the unsustainable harvest of striped bass along the Eastern Seaboard.

On those rare occasions when he’s not pounding away at policy makers—especially in May—Brad can be found tossing floating worm patterns on the south side of Cape Cod, hoping to enjoy the results of his work.

Maine Striper Reports May 10 th 2019

And just like that,,,, They are here, not in number and still spotty but the baits and small schoolies are starting to show, check back ...