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Maine Striper Fishing Reports. 2009

Another nice 2008 skinny water bass that ate a crab pattern,fishing the mud and eel grass flats on Maine's Casco Bay.

More Bull S#!T from the Commercial Striped Bass Crowd.

Representative Richard Roy of Milford, CT has introduced
HB #5506 which would overturn CT’s long-standing game fish law and make it legal to commercially fish for striped bass in CT! This would certainly be a blow that striped bass don’t need, and it would make it much more difficult to finally achieve the coast-wide game fish status for striped bass that Stripers Forever is working towards with its Massachusetts game fish bill.

We understand this bill has been introduced largely to reduce the number of striped bass in CT waters so that they will not eat all the lobsters. According to a 1999 study by the Univ. of Conn. the lobster population crashed from record high numbers – that coincided with record numbers of striped bass – because the waters of the Sound became too warm.

We urge all CT anglers to do their utmost to defeat this bill. Send Representative Roy both an e-mail, a postal letter, and make a phone call to his office today. His name in paragraph one above is a link that will provide complete contact information. Let him know that you live in CT, that this bill will be very harmful to the sport that you love and to the recreational industry in CT that depends on good striped bass fishing. Tell him that you want him to withdraw this legislation today.

Here are some talking points if you want to say or write more:
1. The striped bass are already under too much pressure. Fishing quality is already substantially worse than it was 5 or especially 10 years ago. This is reducing fishing participation and harming the guiding and tackle industry.
2. Commercial fishing has been shown to create an illegal market in addition to the legal one that puts far more pressure on the resource than planned.
3. The State of Connecticut has no commercial quota for striped bass and any such quota would have to therefore come by reducing the current recreational season and/or bag limits which are already very restrictive by historical standards. In 2003 CT had 473,000 marine anglers, 212,000 of whom primarily targeted striped bass. This legislation would be unfair to them since it would give a very few people a disproportionate share of a scarce public resource.
4. Professionally produced socio-economic studies have shown that recreational use of this resource is many times more valuable than commercial sale in terms of economic activity, taxes generated, and jobs created.
5. The State of Connecticut has a strong warning against regularly consuming striped bass taken from Long Island Sound. These fish should not be sold to consumers.
6. The University of Connecticut has determined that the lobster problem is due to water temperature issues and not predation by striped bass. Before warming temperatures in the late 1990s record numbers of both lobsters and striped bass coexisted in the Sound.
7. Since 1980 Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and New Jersey have made striped bass a game fish protected from the pressures of commercial fishing. Legislation is now pending in MA to accomplish the same thing in that state because of the points made here. CT should not overturn years of positive precedent in the conservation of striped bass.

Remember: E-mail, and Write, and Phone Call!

What else can you do in addition? If you are as upset with this as we are, take the same steps above with your local legislator – and if you know them by all means go see them – explain your concerns, and ask them to help you convince Rep. Richard Roy to withdraw this legislation as soon as possible. You can find your CT legislator at this link.

Also, forward this e-mail to all of your fishing friends. Ask them to do the same thing and to go to the Stripers Forever website and become a member – free as always – so that we can help them stay on top of this issue too.

While we urge you to use your own words, please…do not be insulting or negative towards commercial fishing or to Representative Roy. Dwell on the facts above and the benefits of a robust recreational fishery for striped bass.


Link to the bill:
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(Maine Striper Fishing on the Mud Flats of Casco Bay near Freeport) (Photo Becks)

FREEPORT, ME. March 2009--Some of the biggest names in the history of fishing will be at L.L.Bean on March 21-22 for L.L.Bean's annual Spring Fishing Expo. These "Legends of Fishing" will be available at the store from 10:00am to 4:00pm Saturday and Sunday to visit with customers, share stories, sign autographs, books and more.

"We are thrilled to have talent of this caliber in one place at one time," said Ken Kacere, Senior VP and General Manager of Retail. "And we're excited to be giving our customers, especially the little ones, the opportunity to talk face-to-face with some of the biggest names the fishing world has ever seen."

In addition, during the weekend, 5% of all fishing gear and apparel sales will go to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Hooked on Fishing, Not Drugs program.

Featured celebrity fly tyers include David Klausmeyer, Bob Popovics, Mike Martinek and Ted Rogowski. Other weekend highlights include free fly-casting lessons, kids' activities, and a variety of demonstrations, clinics and seminars including presentations by Harry Vanderweide, as well as several L.L.Bean experts. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife will also be conducting a special panel discussion on all things related to fishing in Maine. Special promotions include 20% off all rods, reels, outfits and waders. All event activities are free. For more information, please visit www.llbean.com/events, or call 800-559-0747, ext. 37222.

L.L.Bean, Inc. is a leading retailer of quality outdoor gear and apparel. Founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean, the company began as a one-room operation selling a single product, the Maine Hunting Shoe. While its business has grown substantially, L.L.Bean still upholds the values of its founder and continues his dedication to quality, customer service and a love of the outdoors.

# # #
Contact: Mac McKeever, 207-552-6078, emckeever@llbean.com

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Maine Striper fishing Reports. 2009

A customer of mine emailed me this facebook chat, I thought it was good.
Check out www.fliesandfins.com Great website

'm not lettin' "The Guides" .. Get away with this one, "Dealing With Difficult Guests" too easy! (http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=45200683261&topic=6504) ... No way! How about the FISHERMAN? The guys who PAY the BILL? We deserve a voice! I've been on many guided trips (and for the sake of discussion, i will exclude all of the occassions of fishing with my friends that are guides .. and am just referring to guides that have been hired for money) ... I'd like to hear honest input from other fly fisherman as to what they see as being a GOOD guided experience and a BAD guided experience. I'll kick it off with my thoughts.


1. No complaining by the guide, I don't want to pay for someone to tell me "oh boy its windy, cold, hot, too this, too that, its gonna be touch, shoulda been here last week, i'm not sure about today, etc" .. I know when times are tough, THE USUALLY ARE, so a good guide is positive and doesn't guarantee fish .. but at the same time doesn't make me feel like I am at a funeral.

2. WORKS hard to get me fish. You can't fake it ..you either have the passion or you don't. no inbetween. period. I've been with guides that seem to want to catch me fish more than i want to myself .. and i have been out with guides who are looking at their wrist watch every 45 minutes just waiting for the end of the day so they can get paid. I didn't sign up or pay for a BOAT RIDE and let's take florida for example .. I have been out in the everglades (without mentioning names) with many professional guides .. one of them will literally CUT DOWN MANGROVES to get us to spots .. and another will literally pole around a cove that's within a rocks throw from the dock because he doesn't want to burn the fuel. And even when he's poling around .. i feel like i am on some sort of scenic tour with my wife .. definately NOT fishing. So, a good guide .. in my opinion .. either has the passion or doesn't .. period.

3. Talks about himself and all of his accomplishments. If I wanted to pay to listen to someone blow hot air over their lips about all that they know and all the awards they have won and all of their big accomplishments and tournaments that they have won etc... I could just watch ESPN on saturday morning. In my opinion the best guides do very little talking and if they talk the ask questions .. It sounds crazy .. but the BEST guide I have ever been with (the same dude who CUTS DOWN MANGROVES) is the ONLY guide who ever ASKED me questions about myself .. rather than told me all about themselves ... I will never forget that .. and it stood out to me because that's how rare it is.

4. Cheap vs. Expensive - All guided trips are expensive .. NOBODY WANTS to pay 550 for a day of guiding in florida .. but that's roughly the price .. and if you want to catch some nice fish in let's say the marquesses .. you ain't wading out there .. so you gotta pay .. and you get what you pay for .. So, If a HIGHER PRICE by 100 bucks or whatever ensures me being in the hands of a FISHING GUIDE and not a tour guide .. than i will gladly pay .. because at this point .. what's the difference? .. Conversely .. if some dude is $300 bucks .. you gotta wonder why ... does his boat suck? does he suck? does he not know the fishery? why would he be so cheap? .. Point being THE PRICE IS THE PRICE and as long as the price is within reason (and maybe even a few bucks higher rather than lower) and i feel as though i am getting a true FISHING guide ... than I'll pay it .. and i will tip well.

5. It's not my HONOR to fish with you. I don't know any other business where there is this unsaid thing about .. you feel indebted to "THE GUIDE" .. I am PAYING .. granted I am not expected to be pampered to .. infact, i don't want your silly sandwich and chips or whatever .. let's face it .. I am PAYING TO FISH .. not eat balogne on the side of the river .. I could do that myself .. And in no other service orientated business .. is there this kind of ever present somewhat "arrogance" about the CUSTOMER PAYS and then FEELS like its an honor for him to do so .. F* that!! ... Its mutual respect ... its not a priveledge for you to guide me and not a priveledge for me to have you as my guide ... its a simple matter of good business .. a good guide is able to work beyond his ego .. and recognize that he might be the "master" of his domain in his part of the world and THAT IS very commendable and very respected usually by the guy on the bow .. but the guide needs to realize that the guy on the bow is not some sort of clown just because he doesn't know the one little region of the world in which the guided trip is taking place .. put a tarpon guide on a steelhead river and visa versa ..and all of a sudden the guide is a bozo ... so, a good guide and a good customer both recognize that how much/little each respectively know .. and that ultimately, what they both collectively know .. in the big scheme of things .. adds up to .. NOT MUCH AT ALL.

Finally - A good guide .. feels like a friend .. and works with you like a team .. and when the trip is over .. you feel GOOD .. and that is something that can't be trained or learned or taught in guide school .. at the end of the trip .. did the guide make you feel GOOD. if so, its a good guide .. if not .. find another.
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Maine Striper Fishing Reports. Capt Eric Wallace

*** SPECIALS UPDATED FEBRUARY 12, 2009 *** Contact Capt.Eric Wallace for more info 207-671-4330

Just announced! Turneffe will be offering an unheard of prime season 2-anglers-for-the-price-of-one-single-angler deal for the week of February 21-28, 2009. Instead of a cost of $4,114.00 per angler, two anglers can now book for the low price of $2,573.00 per person. This is a savings of more than $1500.00 per person! Contact Coastal Fly Angler today for available dates and details.207-671-4330

An unheard of discount with the most high-end, unique outfitter in all of South America. We are offering HALF OFF of week-long, all-inclusive packages, and the overall prices for the trip have been reduced from $8000-$10,000 per person! This specials is good for the departure dates of:
March 14, 2009
April 4, 2009
Visit our Nomads of the Seas page on our website for more details and information, or contact Yellow Dog's Jim Klug for more details.

PESCA MAYA LODGE (Ascension Bay - Yucatan, Mexico)
NEW SPECIALS JUST ADDED! Pesca Maya - already one of the best values in the Caribbean - is offering an additional discount of $585.00 per person for the following week:
March 7 - 14, 2009
Rates have been reduced from $3085.00 per person for a 7 night / 6 fishing day, all-inclusive package to $2500.00 per person! (Double occupancy).This is PRIME TIME in Ascension Bay and considered peak season for bonefish, permit, tarpon and more. Contact Yellow Dog's Bob Meade for more information.

BAIR'S BONEFISH LODGE (South Andros Island, Bahamas)
Just announced! A reduction of $750.00 per person for the week of February 15-20, 2009. One of the finest lodges on all of Andros Island. Prices have been reduced from $3250.00 to only $2500.00 per person! Contact Ian Davis at Yellow Dog for details.

NEW SPECIALS JUST ANNOUNCED! Casa Blanca Lodge and Playa Blanca Lodge, two of the finest fishing operations in the Caribbean, are offering an unheard of prime season special in February. For the week of February 28 - March 7, 2009 at BOTH Casa Blanca AND Playa Blanca, rates have been reduced to $2945.00 per person, including the in-country private air charter! (Normal List Price: $3545.00 per person). SAVE $600.00! Contact Yellow Dog's Bob Meade for more information.

Maine and Cape Cod Striper Fishing and Lodging Packages Call Capt Eric Wallace 207-671-4330

CROOKED ISLAND LODGE (Crooked Island, Bahamas)
Crooked Island Lodge - one of the most remote operations in the Bahamas - is offering a $500.00 Discount off the cost of a full week of fishing for the entire 2009 season! Prices have been reduced for the already low rate of $2995.00 per person to only $2500.00 per person! This discount applies to all prime-season fishing weeks for 2009. SAVE $500! Contact Ian Davis at Yellow Dog for details.

Just announced! Turneffe is offering a "fishing package rebate" of $500.00 for all trips booked for the dates of January 31 - June 27, 2009. Book a standard fishing package and receive a $500.00 discount, which can be applied to the cost of your airfare to Belize City! (We've found a lot of round trip tickets lately from major U.S. cities to Belize for $500.00 or less). Normal price of a full week of fishing (including taxes) is $4114.00 per person. With this special, the price has been reduced to $3614.00 per person - a savings of $500.00! Additional rebates are being offered for dive packages ($300.00 per person) and Atoll Adventrues packages ($200.00 per person). These dive and A.A. rebates are available through December 19, 2009. Contact Coastal Fly Angler today for available dates and details. (207-671-4330)

STAFFORD CREEK LODGE (Andros Island, Bahamas)
For the first time in history, Stafford Creek Lodge is offering a $750.00 Discount off the cost of a full week of fishing. This is a discount on fall-season fishing slots. Normal week-long fishing packages have been reduced by $750.00. Applicable for all dates in September 2009. Good for groups of 4 anglers only.
Our Price: $3999.00 per person (Normal List Price: $4749.00 per person) SAVE $750! Contact Capt.Eric Wallace 207-671-4330

ALASKA'S NO SEE UM LODGE (Kvichak - Bristol Bay Region, Alaska)
One of the top fishing lodges in all of Alaska, with a standard price of $8000 per week. Fantastic disounts of $3000.00 per person for the following weeks:
June 8 -15, 2009 (Currently 8 spots available @ $5000 per person)
September 21-28, 2009 (Currently 7 spots available @ $5000 per person)
Never have we seen these kinds of discounts for prime fishing weeks at at a lodge this good. Similar disounts are available for four additional weeks (listed below). Please contact Yellow Dog's Robert Boyce for exact pricing and details. Additional weeks are:
June 15- 22, July 13- 20, July 27- August 3 and September 7- 14, 2009

Andros Island Bonefish Lodge has just announced that they will be slashing their 2009 rates and returning all rates for the 2009 to last year's 2008 rates! This will result in a saving of $600.00 per person for a full week of fishing! New Price: $3145.00 per person. (Normal List Price: $3745.00 per person). SAVE $600.00! Contact Yellow Dog's Ian Davis for details.

Belize's El Pescador Lodge in Ambergris Caye will once again be offering their 2-anglers-for-the-price-of-one-single-angler deal beginning June 1, 2009 and good for all trips June 1 - December 15, 2009. Instead of a cost of $3,295.00 per angler, two anglers can now book for the low price of $2,500.00 per person based on double occupancy. This is a savings of $800.00 per person! Book today to reserve prime dates and the best guides. Contact Yellow Dog today for available dates and details.

THE INN AT ROBERT'S GROVE (Placencia, Belize)
The Inn at Robert's Grove, one of the nicest full-service resorts in all of Belize, is offering a $300.00 disount per couple on all packages of five days or more booked before February 28, 2009 for travel at any time in the coming year. Whatever your package ends up being (for five or more days,) take $150.00 per person off the total cost. Contact Yellow Dog today for available dates and details.

ALASKA'S RAINBOW POINT LODGE (Illiamna Region, Alaska)
One of top lodges in all of Alaska is currently offering a major special for all trips booked in August of 2009. Price for a 6 night / 5 fishing day package has been reduced from $6995.00 to $4995.00 per person for the week. A SAVINGS OF $2000.00! The best deal that we've seen so far for anything in Alaska for 2009. Our Price: $4995.00 per person (Normal List Price: $6995.00 per person). SAVE $2000! Contact Robert Boyce at Yellow Dog for details.

Just announced! Turneffe will once again be offering their 2-anglers-for-the-price-of-one-single-angler deal beginning June 27, 2009. Instead of a cost of $4,114.00 per angler, two anglers can now book for the low price of $2,573.00 per person. This is a savings of more than $1500.00! Offer is good on all trips taken between June 27 and December 19, 2009. Contact Yellow Dog today for available dates and details.
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Maine Striper Reports May 10 th 2019

And just like that,,,, They are here, not in number and still spotty but the baits and small schoolies are starting to show, check back ...