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Maine Striper Fishing Reports, June 1, 2009

Water Temps
Buzzard Bay 56--Mass Bay--53---Casco Bay--53-- Kennebec--47

Open Dates Call 207-671-4330

Things are starting to move along in southern Maine,, area’s in Casco Bay are holding fish, but the best fishing in Maine this past week was on the Piscataqua where reports of 25-30 inch stripers surface feeding on the small juvi herring, On the sunny days I've done 4 trips on the sand flats, yes sight fishing in May in Maine ? lovin it !!! a week ago we where seeing lot's of fish on the incoming tides on the sand flats, Casco Bay had reports of a few fish caught, now the sand flats are showing fewer fish but we did get some shots at a few very large bass in the skinny on saturday, mean while anglers in Casco Bay are starting to picking up more fish, some nice fish in the Saco also the shad fishing has been hot at times!! Looking forward I'm hoping for a big push of fish in the next few days we have the bait and the water temps.

Maine Striper Fishing Reports 2009

Cathy Beck casting to skinny water Stripers on Maine's Casco Bay

Stripers are Here
Many of you have asked me to drop a line when something good is happening on the water, well here it is. Yes, Cape Cod and Rhode Island are fishing well, but the real story is the Merrimack River to the estuaries near Portland, Maine! After a few scouting runs, I was willing to fish one of my repeat anglers and after what we experienced he's coming back for more the first week of June. Give me a call if you want to get out there, (207) 671-4330.

We started on an incoming tide but the fish were on the move and even with a quick cast and a good angle they just ripped past. No leans or love on the incoming. After the tide turned it got bright around 11am and we saw some pushes along the banks and in the deeper channels. I poled up-current in about 3 feet of water on a sandy bottom so my angler could cast into the deeper channels. Then we started to see fish right under us on the sand flat in the sun…

Maine Striper Fishing Reports 2009

Food and Warm Flats, 2009 is off to a very good Striper Season!!!!!

Portland Maine Fly Fishing Reports 2009

A perfect way to start off the 2009 Striper fly Fishing Season in Maine.

Rhode Island and Cape Cod are turning on!!!! some great reports and some not so, it seems the guy's in the know have been finding the warmer water and have had some active days. Looking ahead if water warms the Late May worm hatches could be fun we all know how silly the bass get over these sworms,Maine's water temp's are not to far off from the cape's we are ahead in temp they are behind so let's hope the fish move through the bait and move up in better number than last year.

Open Dates as of May 2009
Call For Late May Date 207-671-4330
Dates Casco Bay June 6 10,11,13, =
Dates Casco Bay July 6 11,12,15-18
Dates Casco Bay August 8,9 13.14 Call for Mid -Late August openings
Dates Casco Bay Sept Update Soon
Dates Maine/ Cape Cod Oct 4-10 and 16-20 open

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