Sunday, August 22, 2010

Maine Striper Fishing Reports

Spent the last few days fishing Lefty Krey, what a hoot!!! the passion this 84 year old man has for fishing mixed in the casting skill and wow what a great opportunity for learning!!! I took full advantage of it!!! we put some more days on the books for next year and some good photos to follow soon...

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A mixed bag of good fishing has continued the last few weeks, tides and sun have been key to choosing what you like and where to fish, I have been lucky to have some anglers with a solid back ground in sight-fishing one just moved up from Islamarda to Maine full time and we are having a blast!!! he went 11 cast 9 fish on the sand flats with a small crab pattern this week, So if it's sunny we are on the sand, many trips this week started of first light on the mud flats on Casco Bay and then we are jumping in my car with a smaller skiff in tow to chase the sun on the sand flats or a couple of tides we hit the carp flats,any way you look at we are having fun!!! but anglers who are into numbers the first light bite on Casco Bay has been a good producer for most, I really like the tides the next few days for the mud flats but the wind forecast sucks let's hope they are wrong!!!! Fly wise on mud first light small black hollows or Tabory snake style in the 3-5 inch have work well, on the sand we have had a some luck with some small white or lighter color hollows for smaller fish, but most anglers I am fishing can throw a crab on the longer leader so that's been the weapon of choice,
Lot's of bait every where other then a few spots where the big blues came in a did a job on it real quick, that was some fast pace fishing and we had our first 3 doz fish day years but 65% where blues and not all on the flats tons of fun anyhow,There are some large schools of little 14-18 inch bass around but not as many as we would like. The Bait is here, fish are here, we will start to see them schooling up over the next few weeks before the real surface show starts to go in mid Sept, I have a feeling we are in for a good fall, I will post some photos from this up coming week I have a feeling most all of you will recognize the angler I'm fishing with unless you live in a cave. long sleeve T-shirts and hats are in stock drop a email if your interested.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Maine Striper fishing Reports

Yesterday I spent the day sight fishing the sand flats with the Ryan Davey founding Partner of Angling exploration Group who brought us the trout fishing cult classic Trout bum Diaries, he has a new team working on a film called (In-between the lines), the story of striped bass. Together with Justin Durance these fish heads not only have an eye for filming but they can fish!!!the sun came out for us and we where able to feed some nice fish a few crab patterns and get it on film others featured in the movie include Lefty Kreh, Lou Tabory, Brad Burns Dave Skok and many more, I'll update with a trailer later in the fall with info on the release of the film.Today was spent on the mud flats with an angler in his mid 80's and still casting 60 plus ft on command we boated a nice fish off the mud in about 2 ft of water and the smile and thanks he give every fish is contagious!!!. The fish have been much more snappy the last few days and I'm looking forward to getting past such a quick tide swing as the flats swap out quickly on these new moon tides! Bait wise welcome the peanut bunker back it's has been fun to see some bigger Blue fish around as well some huge Bass witch comes to a large dead bass left at the boat ramp last week I took a tape to her and it was 51 inches cleaned and the real shit was across the channel, I came across a bunch more we decided to measure those to kill our curiosity they went 32 36 and 37 WTF!!!!

Average size crab eating bass off the sand flats this past week,

Well get out and enjoy yourself there are plenty to catch and looking forward I have a feeling we just might see some good fall fishing!!! and check out this great event happening in a few week a way to win some cash fishing and raise some money for a great cause.

See the link on the top of the page for more detail on the 2010 Catch and Release tournament....

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Maine Striper Fishing Reports

A few years back I ran into the Eldredge fly shop on my way to Cape Cod, I left my fly box on the counter after showing some patterns I had been working on, continued to do some tying material shopping and after a conversation of different bait that had been showing in the waters I checked out. Well I open the box on my skiff to find a bunch of shelled peanuts to fall to the deck,Ha Ha?? the was point was don't forget about peanut bunker, well after a few years of a no shows they came into Casco Bay thick this week and with them some bigger bass and blues!!! the problem is they are holding to one hell of a weed line and the area that we are getting shots at surface feeding fish you catch more floating eel grass than anything Else, witch has me hoping for bright sun so I can fish the sand flats and stop worrying about those fish in the weed area until it cleans up with a good wind or a bigger tides like ones coming up next week,the weeds have been a issue in parts of the bay sense the last new moon tides. Bait wise we have plenty as well there are lots of well fed bass around the bay and for the first time in about a month got into some small bass for a few days, good to see! got our first small group of blues about two weeks ago so be ready with bite tippet and some small peanut patterns thing could become very fun around here even in this heat!!!

Maine Striper Reports May 10 th 2019

And just like that,,,, They are here, not in number and still spotty but the baits and small schoolies are starting to show, check back ...