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Maine Striper Fishing Reports

Welcome to the Coastal Fly Anglers Striper fishing reports for Maine and Cape Cod and customer updates.First off I want to wish you and your family a happy holidays but remember when you are eating all that gingerbread and pumpkin pie there someone on the poling platform that has to push you around - all joking aside have a great holiday!

Book A day of Striper or Tidal Carp for 2011 Before Dec 15, and Pick out or T-Shirt or Hat now on me!! And pick your tides at a later date!!!

A big Thanks to you the ANGLER!!!!!!
Some big changes here at CFA first off many of you know about this ridicules addiction I have for chasing fish in skinny water, and if you are reading this email most likely you share that addiction! Well a few of you got a chance to fish from the new skiff this past season and realize the added benefits a ultra light technical poling skiff bring to our flats.

Not too many other guides in northeast have made this type of investment and I want to thank you for playing a huge par…

Maine Striper Fishing Reports

Check out the new issue of Grays Sporting Journal, Nov-Dec 2010, there's a fun little feature story on Maine Sight fishing for Striped Bass with Capt. Eric Wallace on Casco Bay called Vision Quest by James Babb and Fly Rod and Reels Joe Healy, Dave Klausmeyer and Mac McKeever joined us, as we all set out on a bright sunny and hot afternoon? I think one of the lines that sums up the day best for first timers at this challaging fishing is- isn't a way to run numbers. For the day , we each boated one fish and lost a few others. With a dawn assaault on the bay or a big tidal river,that would be an official defeat.But for flats fishing in Maine it was a success-and possibly an addiction.

Some upcoming events is the Fly Fishing Film Tour, we are working with FFIM and the Frontier to confirm dates, This fun and very succesful event as it raised money for some great causes last year and we are looking forward to it again in 2011...

Casco Bay One Fly-- ok maybe two, this is a event I hav…