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Maine Striper Fishing Reports

Some Maine Skinny Water Striper Fishing on Film coming Soon!!

BOZEMAN, MONTANA — Following on the heels of two successful movie projects in two years, Confluence Films, LLC has begun work on a third movie to be released in 2011. In creating the follow-up to 2008’s Drift and 2009’s Rise, the filmmakers at Confluence Films will once again be travelling the globe in search of unique locations, great fishing, and the stories and characters that epitomize the spirit and sport of fly fishing. While the name of the new movie project has yet to be released, the project — Confluence’s largest and most ambitious to date — will be based on the same multi-segment formula that made Drift andRise two of the top-selling fishing DVDs of all time.

Confluence Films’ new project is once again the result of a partnership between director Chris Patterson of Warren Miller Entertainment and executive producer and writer Jim Klug of Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. Patterson has been the director and hea…

Maine Striper Fishing Guides and Reports 2011

REMEMBER **While Striper Fishing Here in Maine in 2011, Most Maine Stripers Guides
Will have you covered on there Boat.....

1. Why is the Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) creating a registry of saltwater recreational anglers? In 2007, the US Congress reauthorized the Magnuson-Stevens Fisheries Conservation and Management Act. In
the reauthorization, they included a requirement that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA) develop a comprehensive list of everyone who fishes recreationally in marine waters. This is necessary
to improve the surveys of saltwater anglers, which generate the information used to help manage and rebuild fish stocks. Congress gave the states the option to either develop their own registry system, or have their
citizens be subject to federal registry requirements. In 2010, the Maine Legislature passed a Maine saltwater registry, thereby exemptin…