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Maine Striper Fishing Reports

Some Maine Skinny Water Striper Fishing on Film coming Soon!!

BOZEMAN, MONTANA — Following on the heels of two successful movie projects in two years, Confluence Films, LLC has begun work on a third movie to be released in 2011. In creating the follow-up to 2008’s Drift and 2009’s Rise, the filmmakers at Confluence Films will once again be travelling the globe in search of unique locations, great fishing, and the stories and characters that epitomize the spirit and sport of fly fishing. While the name of the new movie project has yet to be released, the project — Confluence’s largest and most ambitious to date — will be based on the same multi-segment formula that made Drift andRise two of the top-selling fishing DVDs of all time.

Confluence Films’ new project is once again the result of a partnership between director Chris Patterson of Warren Miller Entertainment and executive producer and writer Jim Klug of Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. Patterson has been the director and head cinematographer for Warren Miller Ski Films for the past 19 years, and — as he did with Drift and Rise — he brings extensive experience and film-industry knowledge to the project. Chris recently completed work as director of photography for the action unit on the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie, Inception...

Klug’s role with Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures and his long-time involvement in the fly fishing industry will once again result in an international line-up for the new movie that includes interesting characters, captivating locales, and a series of stories that together provide a fantastic look at the industry, the sport, and the places that fishing can take us.

One of the strongest attributes of Confluence Films’ movies is that they have effectively and successfully introduced a multi-segmented, documentary style of filmmaking to the fly fishing community. Rather than a single story or an hour-long movie featuring the same anglers chasing fish on one river for the entire length of the film, this style of filmmaking instead offers viewers a variety of segments and stories: each a profile of different anglers, species, and locations shot around the globe. The new film will continue with this variety, travelling this year to Japan, Maine, Africa, Alaska, and two yet-to-be-announced Caribbean and saltwater locations. The new movie will feature anglers Jeff Currier, Masa Katsumata, Jimmy Bartschi, Vaughn Driessel, Capt. Eric Wallace, Mac McKeever, and several others. Filming begins mid-June 2010 in Tokyo, Japan. Sponsors for the new movie include Simms Fishing Products, Costa Sunglasses, Hatch Fly Reels, and Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures.

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Some Maine Striper Fishing Reports and Updates for 2011 see below.

Maine Striper Fishing Guides and Reports 2011

REMEMBER **While Striper Fishing Here in Maine in 2011, Most Maine Stripers Guides
Will have you covered on there Boat.....

1. Why is the Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) creating a registry of saltwater recreational anglers? In 2007, the US Congress reauthorized the Magnuson-Stevens Fisheries Conservation and Management Act. In
the reauthorization, they included a requirement that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA) develop a comprehensive list of everyone who fishes recreationally in marine waters. This is necessary
to improve the surveys of saltwater anglers, which generate the information used to help manage and rebuild fish stocks. Congress gave the states the option to either develop their own registry system, or have their
citizens be subject to federal registry requirements. In 2010, the Maine Legislature passed a Maine saltwater registry, thereby exempting Maine from the federal requirement. The registry is administered by the Maine
Department of Marine Resources, and goes into effect January 1, 2011.

2. What “marine waters” are included, for the purposes of requiring registration for saltwater angling? If you will be fishing anywhere within the rise and fall of the tide (up the rivers to head of tide), or from a Maine
port out to the limits of the Exclusive Economic Zone (200 miles), you must have a valid saltwater fishing registration.

3. Who needs to register? How much does it cost?
A Maine saltwater recreational fishing registration is required for individuals 16years of age and older fishing in Maine’s coastal waters. However, individuals that possess a valid Maine freshwater fishing license are not
required to register separately with the Maine Department of Marine Resources. When purchasing their Maine freshwater fishing license, individuals will be asked, “Did you fish in the tidal waters of the State of Maine last
year?” By answering this question, they will meet the basic registry requirement. Freshwater license holders
must possess their license when they are engaging in saltwater fishing, to prove compliance.There is no cost for the registration, for either residents or nonresidents. However, a $1 agent fee applies if
you register directly through ME DMR, and a $2 agent fee applies if you register online or through a DMR designated agent.

4. Who needs to purchase the Striped Bass Endorsement? How much does it cost?
You must purchase a Striped Bass Endorsement if you are:
• a Maine resident who has not purchased a valid freshwater fishing license, and you intend to fish for or catch striped bass in the coastal waters of the state, OR
• a non-resident who intends to fish for or catch striped bass in the coastal waters of the state “Fishing for or catching” striped bass includes any incidental catch or bycatch of striped bass, as well as the landing of striped bass for the purposes of a “catch and release” fishery. The Striped Bass Endorsement is $5 for Maine residents, and $15 for non-residents. Maine residents age 70 or
older can pay a one-time fee of $10, and then renew that endorsement annually free of charge.

5. Where can I register, and where can I purchase the Striped Bass Endorsement?
You can register, as well as purchase a Striped Bass Endorsement:
• online at, OR
• at an agent appointed by DMR (list available, OR
• in person at the DMR licensing office in Hallowell

6. Why do you need my phone number?
The purpose of creating a Registry of saltwater recreational fishermen is so that these anglers can be accurately
surveyed by phone, to assess their level of activity. The Registry will make it much more efficient to find anglers to survey, and it will include a broader representation of anglers. Instead of asking a random sample of
coastal U.S. residents if they’ve gone fishing (which is what is currently done), the registry will allow surveyors to call upon those who have already identified themselves as saltwater fishermen. The surveys collect information about who is fishing, when they fish, and what species and how many fish they catch.
For some species of fish, the recreational catch far outpaces the commercial harvest. In addition, in many communities, recreational fishing is a major economic driver, affecting everything from the hospitality industry
to fuel sales to outfitters and small businesses. Accurately capturing the many contributions of recreational fishermen will help to ensure that these interests are properly considered in resource allocation and other policy

7. Are there any exceptions to the registration requirement?
You do not need to register in order to participate in saltwater fishing in the following situations:
• When fishing as a passenger on a party/charter or head boat operated by an individual who holds a
valid Commercial Operator’s license
• When fishing for smelt from a smelt camp rented from an individual who holds valid Commercial Operator’s licenseIn addition, you may be eligible for a waiver from the registry requirement if you can provide documentation
from a physician that you:
• Are blind
• Are a paraplegic
• Have an acquired brain injury
• Are mentally handicapped
You are also eligible for a waiver if you can provide documentation from the Veteran’s Administration that you
are a disabled veteran.
Eligibility requirements to obtain a waiver are available at:
8. Where do the revenues from the Striped Bass Endorsement go?
A dedicated fund was established with the passage of the bill that created Maine’s saltwater registry. All
revenues from the sales of the Striped Bass Endorsement may be used only for the implementation, and administration of the registry, enforcement, and research and conservation efforts related to the saltwater recreational fishery.

9. Are there any free fishing days?
Yes. Maine residents need not register in order to fish legally on July 4th, Labor Day weekend or Memorial Day weekend.

10. Is there any reciprocity for other states?
Yes. A person that possesses a valid New Hampshire saltwater recreational fishing license may engage in recreational saltwater fishing from Maine's southern border to Cape Neddick, without registering with ME DMR

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Maine Striper Fishing Reports

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Maine Striper Reports May 10 th 2019

And just like that,,,, They are here, not in number and still spotty but the baits and small schoolies are starting to show, check back ...