Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Maine Striper Fishing Reports

When my angler casted to this fish on sand flats, we thought it would be a spunky battle on a 8 wt 10 lb floro and and a small crab pattern in the skinny water. The Bass ate the crab and turn for a quick run then just stalled out, we where just waiting for another burst and a chance to see backing wich often happens on the sand flats by far the best fight you can get out of a striper!!! as we got closer we knew something was not right and by the looks of it the fish has signs of Mycobacteriosis an emerging infectious disease that affects well over 75% of the resident striped bass in Chesapeake, we often don't see the signs here in Maine as the cooler water is said to help temporality clear it up a bit. There are many groups working on the study of Mycro and funding Seems to be a issue,Groups like Striper Forever, CCA and many more have help supported getting the word out, and a consistant eye is needed to kept a watch on the health Of the Chesapeke watershed.. MAINE SALTWATER FISHING REPORTS, overall we are off to a very good start the amount of fish in the Casco Bay system is the best seen in years!!! But the amount of food is also very high add in water temps that are up a bit from last weeks heat wave making the fish very lazy and the bite a very short window, low light AM or on the tide incoming change. fish size wise is all over the place from 14 inch micros to 40 lb cows are being landed. There are going to days that the fish are snappy and hold up well thru the tide and days you will need to work your ass of to feed them, the tide will be key and thinking out of the box on the slower days might just get a few fish. Capt Eric Wallace 207-671-4330

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Maine Striper Fishing Reports

< Some great opportunity to sight fish to large fish this  past week was the highlight with a nice stretch of good weather.Bait wise and available fish seem to continue to stay strong in the Portland area, there was a little slow down on the bite this past weekend but really turned on again yesterday and today where we found plenty of snappy little fish and some very solid surface feed in the shallows during the first few hours of the tide change. --- Although not the largest fish we got off the sand flats this past week on the sunny days the photoed fish here held by fly angler from Boulder CO resident, Karen. was one of the most entertaining fish in some time, good size fish on  skinny water are always fun, but add into it a contagious  giggle and you get the picture.       Capt.Eric Wallace 207-671-4330 www.coastalflyangler.com

Monday, June 18, 2012

Maine Striper Fishing call 207-671-4330

This week we got to spend some time focusing on sight fishing on the sand flats and on one of few days I take off is fathers day, and where do we head for dads day off? to sand flats- I get to cast a few and this year spent my casting time on a stand up paddle board with my kids and wife who also enjoy this great sport. Report and photos from this week coming soon..

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Maine Striper Fishing

After a few post storm scouting days, I decided to hold off on doing trips for one more day and draged out my buddy Matt who ski coaches for Gould Academy in the winters, also has a flat skiff down at his place in the 10'000 islands area of FL. With a pesty NE wind and blown out brown water leaving out of the Royal River you become suspect of your decision. Well within 15 minutes we where into fish and started with a double hookup, the fish bounced around in mini blitz for a while on the incoming tide change, fish size where all over the place from Micros to 30ish. We decided we needed to check out a few flats in hope for a little cleaner water with the sun starting to give us a little hope that we might get in a hour of sight fishing. The sight thing never happen but we did find fish and water temps where much better the farther we got from all the fresh water rain runoff coming out of the rivers. Flies and sluggos works well for us and many of the eats came on the pause..Capt Eric Wallace 207-671-4330

Monday, June 4, 2012

Maine Striper Fishing Reports 2012

Some fresh fishing reports will start to trickle in over the next few days, I have spent a good amount of time scouting and have found areas where everything seemed normal and fished fine, other areas where it will be a few more tides at least !! The bait moved and got held up in some interesting places, but some was already flashing around in the rivers and a report from other anglers found fish up in one of the rivers~ small schoolies.. I will not be able to run from the Yarmouth Boat Yard for a few weeks due to my dock breaking up as the river channel changed resulting in a few sunk boats and some serious big trees that are still floating around. The team work by all the boats yards supporting YBY was awesome as the royal river basin just could not handle 8 inch of rain in such a short period. Saco area I feel will return rather quick, I was stand up paddle surfing there yeasterday evening during the incoming tide and saw fish feeding in the muddy water just out past the surf line and a hand full of birds working the small rips from the heavier surf. Give it a day or two I think we will start to see some positive reports from Casco bay and the Portland area. Kennebec report from today was a big!!! lots of water in the main channel as with the Andro and the Kennebec. drain a huge part of Maine, but also there is some some life showing as well from reports and the crew up there will report there finding soon.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Maine Saltwater & Striped Bass Fishing Reports

Here we go, off to a new season here in the Casco Bay, Portland region of Maine and thing are happening!!! other than one slower day after some crazy early morning storms the fishing has been very solid. A ton of smaller fish have made there way into Casco Bay area, but don't worry plenty of bigger fish are around as well.Today we took advantage of the the sun and fished south and hit the sand flats,some of the groups of fish where in the hundreds and these fish where not the small ones we have been seeing in the bay or hearing about on the Kennebec,these fish had size and had super dark backs and my angler who is the eastern sales manager for large fly tackle company had more than a few holly shit moments!!! Not only are the sand eel thick like carpeting the bottom of the ocean, but also noticed while launching my flats skiff there where full-size sand shrimp all over. Fish acted well feed and the large groups and singles where a waste of time as the groups played follow the leader only to give us a lean towards the fly, but the small groups 2-3 fish where on the hunt and gave us the eats. Can't complain about all the little easy fish in Casco Bay but I sure was enjoying the challenges of sight fishing and having so many targets made it just that much more fun. We should see these fish spread out into Casco Bay and the Kennebec over the next week or so. Hoping this rain does not blow things out,Casco Bay usually holds up well to these rain events and should start fishing well again in a day or so, The sight fishing is done for at least few days with rain and large surf forecasted, Check back soon for more updated Maine saltwater fishing reports. Capt Eric Wallace. 207-671-4330

Maine Striper Reports May 10 th 2019

And just like that,,,, They are here, not in number and still spotty but the baits and small schoolies are starting to show, check back ...