Saturday, June 29, 2013

Maine Striper Fishing Reports July 2013

Casco Bay and Saco Report

First off sorry for the lack of report!! been straight out guiding and have fallen behind on the reports page.. Over all pretty damm good striper fishing happening here in Maine. Water temps outside are in the mid to upper 50's and the near shore flats have held in there even during warm stretches in the lower 60s so the fish have good active temps and lots of food!!!. Over the last few weeks we have seen some just epic surface feed that where pretty predictable on the tides for a few days but where also on the move so if you stuck with them you had some great fishing. We started on the Royal River and ended up 4 days later fishing Harpswell and about every cove and flat in- between most likely over the same very large group of fish and in the days to follow the reports from the Kennebec where it was on fire. Thats still seems to be the trend, waves of fish coming through happy and snappy, followed by a few tides where hunting them down is in order. Over all there is a ton of fish holding in Casco Bay and pretty much pick your spot and style be there on the tide they want and you will run into some good action, miss the tide you miss the action!!!  If your are looking to book a trip with any of the guides at Coastal Fly Angler. give a call 207-671-4330 or have any question's feel free to drop us a email

Monday, June 10, 2013

Maine Saltwater Fishing Reports June 2013

The past 10 days has seen some real ups and down in air temps, from near 90 to a early morning low of 37degrees. But the good news the open water temps really did not drop off to much with the hard Northery winds during the cold snap and the Portland Maine bouy is holding around 57. This is a little closer to the average for late June ,so the water temps, amount bait and most importantly the amount of Stripe Bass are just a little ahead of the past few seasons, offering up some consistant  fishing during the right tides and when the weather works with us we have seen some very solid fishing!! and reports down the coast support a likewise finding.  We have had multi tides with over 20 fish on the flats with fly and largest fish is just short of 38 inches, lots of schoolies around and the Freeport area had a big group of large Bluefish push through for a few days, causing the fun havoc they know how to provide, nice to have that in the mix the first week of June. With the amount of larger bait in  Casco Bay and it rivers we are sure to only see more good action in the weeks to come, setting us up for a good solid season!!!!      

What's Working

Flywise we have been having good success on everything from darker hollow patterns to sight fishing small crabs, I feel the fish are in the mindset to eat, and if you set the boat angles up for good casting/retrive angles you can get these well fed fish to open up. Same goes for the light tackle angler fishing soft plastics, if your not catching fish, I would not waste a ton of time changing flies or lures out, instead think about your aproach to the fish. For the anglers wading the saltwater here in Maine I would snoop around some of the chatboards those guys are mostly walking the beaches and will give you some info to work with.

Happy Fishing and GO Bruins!!!!!!

Capt Eric Wallace
Maine, FL Keys

Maine Striper Reports May 10 th 2019

And just like that,,,, They are here, not in number and still spotty but the baits and small schoolies are starting to show, check back ...