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Maine Striper Fishing Reports and Guided Trips

Wow what great weather!!!! and a real good start to the striper season here in Maine, with solid catch reports up and down the coast!! The last few days I tried a few different Tides, yesterday Capt. John ford and I went out with floating lines and worm patterns in search of leftovers at first light. What we found was a few fish on the surface but really no solid hookups until the tide filled in, once again found our fish on the flats not in the river?? But I'm sure there are some large fish to be had in the rivers!!! I finish my day yesterday stand up paddle surfing in the OOB area with my wife, and holly cow did we see some schools of bass moving around, not feeding, head down and swimming hard. Today I started my day surfing once again in OOB at sunrise lot's of terns working the water around 7 or so. Spent the late morning fishing with a Fly rod reel rep, casting a prototype one piece 9 wt real cool rod!! today was a scout day for my trips over the week, so we went to pl…

Maine Striper Fishing Reports

Weather forecast HOT near 90 on Tuesday, Fishing to the south of us Hot!!!! I have my hopes up that is going to be a good year!!! I can tell you this, we are off to a good start here in Casco Bay. We hit a fat 31 inch off a island flat near a river mouth followed up by a 14 inch striper two cast later a mixed bag and that seems to be the word on the water from Long Island NY to Casco Bay.

A few days ago on Maine Striper Fishing Reports blog, I recommended to stay near the rivers, and yes they are holding lots of fish and bait, well the fog had everyone staying in the river today, I hate crowds!! so I ran off to some flats in the hope to pick up a few more before calling it a day, well we found fish scattered and feeding 3-4 miles away from any river system with plenty of small fin bait to keep them here for a few days. I have a feeling there going to just keep moving into our waters pretty thick over the next few weeks, we have the bait!!!! but something we have not had in 3 year…

Maine Striper Fishing Reports& Guides

Quick update going into the weekend, found a few nice fish this morning in Casco Bay, some good reports to the south, wind direction and temps look good and getting better. things could bust open in the next few days!!! Did get a couple of fish near 30 today, the real story was a group of little punks that where full of it at 14-17 inches, great to see!!! Stay near the river systems!! and things turned on about 2.5 hr into the outgoing. I just had some June dates open up due to a angler who had to change his travel plan till Aug they are great tides!!!June 16-19 I also have few days in the first and second week of June For either Maine tidal Carp or striped Bass, Give a call for more info 207-671-4330

May 18, 2010
Here we go, my first Maine fishing report for 2010, Stripers are showing from Portland South and in some area's in good numbers!!!for mid May, and that's the word Cape Cod North. Water temps are not to bad even with a few chilly nights we had this past week. Looking …

Maine Stiper Fishing Reports & Guides

Here it is, our new skinny water skiff at CFA, adding to our 17 Action Craft with a 115, the IPB is half the weight allowing us to enter the flat earlier with the tide and stay longer,Power will be a 40 4 stroke Suzuki tiler, Can't wait for it to get here!!!

Reports of Stripers being caught in Southern Maine today May 8 th- here we go!!!!!

ASMFC Striped Bass Board Approves Draft Addendum II for Public Comment
Alexandria, VA – The Commission’s Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board has approved Draft Addendum II to Amendment 6 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan for Atlantic Striped Bass for public comment. The Draft Addendum proposes two changes to the striped bass management program: (1) an increase in the coastal commercial quota, and (2) revising the definition of recruitment failure based on Technical Committee advice.

***** A big WTF!! we really need to make it a GAME FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The proposal to increase the coastal commercial quota is intended to improve equal…