Friday, June 20, 2014

Maine Striper Fishing Report June 20, 2014

Some good saltwater  fishing reports from around the state of Maine, after a week of unstable weather  with inland area getting as much as 3.5 inches of rain and added in a couple days with hard wind,big full moon tides pushing around the bait just enough to make thing interesting, But searching around often pay off, and the  mid day sunshine has brought the water temps back into the zone making the fish happen and willing to eat..

Striped Bass are spread out in Casco Bay from Harpswell to Portland in good numbers water temps are good to go, even the outer islands fish can be found but seem to be on the  move in search of the bait that is either dropping out of the local river systems or traveling up for spawning.... This bait will be bright and flashy as it approaches the rivers but will turn a more yellowish tint as it spends some time in the brackish water 5-7 inch bait fish patterns are working well and can not express having some long pauses in your strip even if you are in the middle of a surface feed,,,, pause it -- let it get down into the mix and chances are you find yourself find some bigger fish. Capt Mike Roy had a blast using some black and purple tarpon toads  producing a bunch of eats in skinny water..

Sand eels, juvenile herring , river herring,mackerel and for the guys focused on the flats crabs are always on the stripers menu, There is some off colored water out there and all black flies in the 5-7 in herring profile have taken two of the largest fish we boated this past week one 34 and a fat 37 both on fly !!! and quickly released..

Light tackle anglers, I am just a fan of the sluggo I like the way they can be worked and how bass eat them. there is a endless number of artificial that work great.

If you are fishing the Kennebec River system remember to check the regulations as the area is Catch and Release and use of singled hooked artificial only, the use of any live bait is prohibited, This is a great regulation to help take some of the pressure of the wild reproducing fish in the system.

Overall things should just fill in and quality fishing should be the norm from the Kennebec south and west, we have 2-3 boat available each day so feel free to contact us about best tides or any other questions..

Capt. Eric Wallace
(207) 671-4330

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