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Maine Striper Fishing June 1, 2014 QuickReport

This past weeks unstable weather killed the bite for a few days with a couple of night seeing very low dew points cooling the water outside the bass comfort zone.-- But that has changed and is looking to set up for a preety good weather pattern,and timing and low tides during daylight hours  bringing water temps back up and we should see improvements in the bite daily!!!!

 There is a good number of striped bass on the coast of  Maine from the Kennenbec, Casco Bay/ Portland area,There are reports a few larger fish being landed ,but mostly schoolies size bass in the 15-25 inch range,  The reports to the south are looking good with some nice fish being caught in New Hampshire and Cape Cod and some very large schools of fish being spotted on the sand flats of the cape.-- Water temps at the portland bouy are 51-53  the nearshore flats and estuaries have been warming a few degrees above that,  tide timing and sun can change water temps daily so check back in area that may have fished slow a few days ago, it does not take much to get these fish back on there bite..

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Quick Tip:
Fish the moving water and the meat of the tide,although out going might be a bit better the incomer should be explored as well,,,, herring patterns in the 5-7 inch range are working well our  light takle guys  have been having fun with sluggos black silver 6 inch.!!!!  This is early season so things  change quickly, feel free to drop a email or check back for updated fishing reports for the coast of Maine.

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Click on the movie below for a short trailer 4 min trailer, Striper fishing on the Eastern US Coast has never been so completely captured to this level!! Full movie is over two and half hours long, The crew a Coastal Fly Angler are proud to be a part of this project hope you check it out...... Check Back as we move into Spring Striper Fishing along the NE coast..... 

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The battle of the striped bass is on, and Brad Burns, President of Stripers Forever, is on the frontlines, fighting to protect the fish so many of us pursue.

It’s a calling he simply couldn’t ignore.

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Welcome Summer to Maine!!!! if the past week or so  of available  nice size fish on the flats is a inducator of the direction this season is going, -I’m stoked!!!
The  returning schoolies as a whole have a bit more size  then the last couple of season as expected, what's really is nice is the large amount of 30 plus inch fish on the flats- that are more than willing to eat flies or soft plastics, this is just fun good fishing we are having!!! There is a lot of bait around the bay and the bass have spread out  past just being near the major  river systems, fishing the tide is key, both incomer and dropping are fishing well----    Sight Fishing has been very solid and when tide and sun match up it's just outstanding  !!!!  We boated  the fish in the above photo  at high noon in less than 2 ft of water,   get in touch if you are needing more info or looking to get out and enjoy some very good fishing…..  Capt Eric Wallace - Coa…